joy magnetism: October 2011

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

In vino, scientia

Magnet #1317 - My Mood Is Wine

On a whim, and a LivingSocial deal, I took a wine class from the American Bartending School today.

I'm not a huge wine drinker, though I'll drink it if there's nothing else around. But I'm constantly in situations with wine, and have a few friends who love the stuff, so I figured why not learn something about it.

Ironically, the American Bartending School is working on their liquor license, so they weren't serving anything. It was literally a class that imparted wine knowledge, complete with handouts and everything.

Still, I learned a caskfull, so it was interesting.

Of course, two hours of talking about it, made me want wine. So after class, I bought a bottle of Malbec. And proceeded to break the cork in half. Oops.

Oh well, maybe that bartending glass the girls and I are taking in December will help.
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