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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah!

Magnet #498 - George III (r. 1760-1820)

Ok. So in grade school, we did a little musical kids play that acted out the American Revolution.

I haven't a clue which grade it was, but it had to have been early, because I totally remember that we had a little songbook with the bubble letters colored in, presumably by me. It had stars and red, white and blue, and a flag, and I could swear it said something like Kids in America? Kids Sing America?

I dunno. I just remember that we had to memorize all the lyrics in it.

The thing I remember most though is the song we had to sing to King George, with one of my boy classmates, sitting on his throne. We sang him the below, and if I recall correctly, we even had to point our fingers at him in time with the music.

King George! Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah!
King George! Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah!
King George!

What makes you think you can sit there on your throne?
Why can't you just leave us alone?

King George! Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah!
King George! Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah!
King George!

Yes. Oh, there's more. I just can't remember it. And now, as has happened for many many years now, when the King George! Nah na-nah, na-nah, na-na-na-nah! gets into my head, it never leaves. The problem is that I can never get past that one little stanza and the chorus.

Oh well, to quote my Save the World sister, happy birthday, America!
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jen said...

I think you were in 5th grade. Because I got to get out of kindergarten to watch you. Only me. Not my class. Our parents had connections.

Anonymous said...

i did this play too when i was in 2nd grade!

joy said...

Really, anon? Because, outside of my sisters, you might be the only one who can corroborate my post! Thanks so much!!!

Gurshant said...

Hey Its-- The Final Countdown by Europe !! OR Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam... But its definately the first one !!

Anonymous said...

I did something with this song in the early grades and it's driving me crazy trying to remember the rest of the words did you ever remember any more?

joy said...

Sorry, anon, I've been trying for almost 30 years and can't think of any more of the verses than above. Crazy how even that little stanza sticks in my head! Thanks for dropping by!

Unknown said...

The words to the song:
King George! Na-na-na na na na na na na
King George! Na-na na na na na na na na
King George! What makes you think you can be there all alone,"KG" Makin' rules while you're sittin' on your throne?"KG" Don't you think we can do it on our own?"KG" na na... "KG" Just quit acting like a mighty king, KG you're really nothin' but a royal ding-a-ling! KG We won't sit back while you do your thing. KG na.... KG When will you use the power of your crown? KG To get the red coats out of town? KG Do it now before te sun goes down! KG Wo wo wo wo! You went and put those taxes on our tea, So then we took and threw it in the sea! You call us traitors 'cause we fight your tyranny, We only want to be free! KG You better wipe off that silly grin, KG Can't you see that it's lookin' mighty grim? KG just watch out 'cause we're going to win! KG na... King George! Wo wo wo wo!

joy said...

OMG, cba - you are SO my hero right now. THANK YOU.

Oddly, 30 years later, I can't believe how much of that song I remembered once I had the lyrics in front of me. So funny.

And really, thanks so much.

Unknown said...

You're quite welcome. I actually have the sheet music if you would like a copy.

Anonymous said...

That song has been stressing me out for years. Stuck in my head now and this is the only information on google I could find. Interesting.

Tanooki2003 said...

OMG I totally remember doing this play when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I also remember a few lyrics from a couple of plays I was in back in grade school. I actually still remember seeing my dad giggling on the bleachers in the crowd everytime we said "nah nah nah" in the chorus.

Granted some of these lyrics in this other song may not be accurate or correct, but hey I'm now 38 and still trying to recall what has been burned in the back of my head since elementary school. Lol Ahh the 80's was such a good time.
When there's a wheel there's a way...That's all I can say....
How do you feel without a wheel..not very well I say.
(sorry that's all I can remember of that song)

I'll actually have more lyrics of other fun plays instead of just tunes and faded voices once I dust off my old memory bank. Lol

Anonymous said...

I did this play in elementary school as well. Wasn't there an "I'm for America.. this is my country, America" thing in there? Kids for America? Obviously the King George thing was the star, I just thought of it today and looked it up, and it wasn't a dream!!

Kathy said...

I remember another song from this album:

America, it belongs to you and me,
A country strong and free,
America, it's the greatest land on earth,
It's still the home of li-ber-ty.
America, is everyone doing their thing?
Making the most of what each day may bring?
It's reaching out
As part of the team,
Believing that we can share freedom's dream...

Sound familiar?

joy said...

Oh, wow, I totally remember that song! That's awesome, thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Ha! I have had that same section of the song, the lyric "King George, Na-na-na-na-na...." stuck in my head since elementary school too! And found your post by finally searching for it. Hysterical you write of the same experience!

Anonymous said...

I remember doing this play in grade school too, early 90's... Only remember the chorus of the song about King George!

N’Coldest said...

Omg....with all this talk about tariffs and 45, this song popped in my head!!! CBA your the best for having the lyrics!! I learned this song in elementary school as well!!

Unknown said...

Wow was just sharing a story about this song with my daughter. We did the same musical in grade school. Wish I could find out more info!

Sara said...

We totally did this play too, probably in 1989ish...and like everyone else, the King George song has been stuck in my head since then too!!

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember the name of this musical? I also was in the musical in the late 80s. I'm trying to scour the web to find a copy of it, but am failing miserably. Just finding more modern, serious stuff. None of the joy of na na-nah-nah na-nuh-nah-nah. How can this be the only corner of the web that remembers?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many other people remember this play, and this song specifically, and how it's not mentioned anywhere else on the entire internet!! We did it in 5th grade, which for me would have been 1988.