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Friday, July 10, 2009

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program

Magnet #503 - Hollywood

Have ya'll ever seen the movie Mannequin?

That supercheesy but loveable 80s movie with superadorable Andrew McCarthy who plays a window dresser who falls in love with one of his mannequins, played by the young, bubbly Kim Cattrall, who comes alive due to a magical mystical Egyptian spell?

This is not that magnet.

It's just, every time I see it on my magnet board, all I hear in my head is Meshach Taylor falsetto sing-songing to Andrew, Hooollyywoood!! Oh, Hooollyywoood!! Here, it's at the :45-second mark. Watch...but then go run out and Netflix it. Seriously.

But, Andrew McCarthy worked with Teri Polo in the silly yet lovable Straight from the Heart tv movie. And Teri Polo gets you to Sports Night and The West Wing, where she worked with Joshua Malina.

And, Joshua Malina's one of the Twitterfeeds I follow. No, I don't have like a huge crush on him, but by far, he's one of the funniest Tweeters I've ever followed - not that I really follow all that many.

I've been following him for a month or two now - I've RT'd him and I've told others to follow him. And, he just sort of shows up in my Google Reader or TweetDeck - with his Tweets about his professional life, but also personal stuff, along with funny musings, jokes, or whatever. So, understandably, there's a sense of connection there - he's randomly become part of my everyday life, this guy who is supposed to stay in my little black box.

Here's what scares me. Actually seeing him in the little black box. The other night, I caught him on Valentine, and my first thought was, hey! It's Josh! I wonder what he's up to!

WHOA. Stop. The. Presses.

I don't know Joshua Malina from the Vin Diesel lookalike doorman around the corner! I shouldn't care what he's up to. He's the guy in the box!

Dudes, I can't really explain it, but it was certainly the single most uncomfortable feeling that night - it was creepy. And I realized that what I talked about a few months ago - about the fact that down the line, celebretweets will have some sort of backlash, I'm sure of it.

I shouldn't be able to interact with him or any other celebrity outside my tv. Dammit, get back in that little black TV box!

So, yeah, it's just scary. Not scary enough for me to stop following Mr. Malina (on Twitter), but enough for me to make sure I'm double-vigilant to maintain that fourth wall.

Mind you, I had a whole different magnetpost if I could have just gotten from Andrew to Alyssa Milano, whose Twitterfeed I also follow. But that was just way too hard. And I know my way there must be through Solarbabies and Jamie Gertz, but I just couldn't get there.

Now. Points if you ever saw Solarbabies.
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jen said...

Are you gonna tweet that to Joshua Malina? Because you should. Heh. Stephen Fry is another good Twitterer.

Oh, and i met Mesach Taylor a few years ago at an AAJA convention. I have no idea why. But I thought: Gasp! Hollywood!

joy said...

Dude. You don't think that's at all creepy for Joshua Malina? Hmmm. I still haven't followed Stephen Fry, though, is he going by MrsStephenFry?


julie said...

awwwwww... and here i thought this post would be about andrew mccarthy. :( i wrote him a letter... THAT HE NEVER WROTE BACK. that's okay, though. when he showed up on royal pains for like a second (seriously... a second) i was all happy. :)

and welcome back gordon to twitter. he's looking for celebtweets to follow.

joy said...

OIY. I can't BElieve the two of you didn't come clean about Solarbabies, knowing full well that we were all sitting in the living room on Jack Street watching that damn movie over and over again. With Bodhi! Remember! And Jason Patric? And Jamie Gertz?

Maybe, jb3, if you write Andrew a letter now, he'll write you back. Or Tweet you!

And welcome Gordon!