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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's your favorite princess?

Magnet #508 - Belle

Ok. Several reasons to use this magnet. It was a few years ago now that I saw Beauty and the Beast with a guy I met over the internet. No, no. Not like that.

He and I met through a messageboard that I'd just joined a few months earlier, and both he and I wanted to see to see superhot Jacob Young play Lumiere.

For those of you who don't know, superhot Jacob Young, played Lucky on General Hospital, and is currently playing the ever-damaged JR on All My Children. So, we went through, which has some really fantastic discounts if you sign up for their free membership. We had a great time that night, and see? I'm still alive to talk about it. Mind you, both of us are still on that messageboard.

It's from that same messageboard that I met the child who would break my heart, the daughter of one of our other friends from that board. We've all gotten together several times now - and when we first met, her daughter was like 5, and the most adorable little princess ever. Fearless and sweet. At eight, she's still fearless and sweet.

But yesterday, they took her to the Magic Kingdom. And (sniffle) she didn't find it magical. Or the happiest place on earth. In fact, she was bored. Bored? How do you get bored at Disneyworld? Nooooooo. But, while they rode the usual rides, she just wasn't feelin' it.

In fact, she didn't even care about the characters. You know, the same characters that not three years ago, my buddies and I were putting down our drinks to take pictures with (Aladdin)? The ones we were mugging with (Three Caballeros)? The ones we got felt up by (Buzz Lightyear)? Sigh.

Bored. Seriously hurts my heart. I was absolutely sure that she'd fall in love with Disneyworld. Sigh. Boy, they do grow up.

But, here's something that made me laugh. Yesterday at work, I was telling my coworker's 10-year-old daughter and her BFF that I was headed to see an advance screening of Harry Potter (yay me, for not falling asleep, which means it was pretty good!), and I had told them about the girl who was bored at Disney. They laughed, and I asked the two girls who their favorite princess were.

One girl, the tomboy, said, oh, I don't care about the princesses, joy.

The other, poked her thumb to her chest and said primly, and quite unapologetic:

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Erika said...


Jackie said...

You do know you made me cry. I have to say truly miss her playing dress-up every single day. Her princess gowns were ready for the rag bag because she did everything in them.

joy said...

Awww, I'm sorry Jackie. Don't worry, she'll make a 180 and come back. Like when she's in her mid30s, and has an unnatural love for all things Disney. No, wait...that's me. :-)