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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I like Ike

Magnet #1320 - I Like Ike

So funny, without meaning to, last weekend, both my sisters and my parents from DC/NC and I from NY converged on the snowbound Pennsylvania - without meaning to. But we didn't meet up.

They headed to Gettysburg, while my friend and I went to Tannersville.

What kills me is that my friends and I have specifically gone to visit Gettysburg many, many years ago. But how is it, that we didn't stop by the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Historic Site nearby!?! For shame!

Looks like we definitely have to plan a trip back there. Especially since we went long before they re-did the Gettysburg experience. Before, we just drove around the sites, walked the streets of the small town, bought a copy of John Jakes' North and South, and that's pretty much it

But, I do love this magnet my sisters bought me, because I do, in fact, like Ike. When I was little, my dad and I did a research project together (I can't remember if it was for fun, or for school) where I learned all of the five-star generals of World War II, and their backgrounds. There's Ike, MacArthur, Marshall, Arnold, and then Bradley.

So that's why I nearly wanted to jump out a window when one of my 20somethings here in the office said, "Wait. President Eisenhower was a WWII general?"

I cringed at my desk, and without turning around, I said quietly, how do you not know this, (kid with political science background)? He said something akin to, I don't know all those historical facts!

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