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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Olympics, the ads, and the mascots...sans Mukmuk!

Magnet #732 - 2010 Vancouver Olympics Mascots

Behind me on the wall of our golf event command center/war room here at work, is the giant tv that automatically goes on around noon, so that the boys can glance at the scores throughout the day. Scores for curling. For hockey. For skiing. But mostly for curling.

In fact, that's how my workdays seem to be breaking up. I know I've lost the morning when the TV goes on. I've lost the afternoon when the news comes on. And I've lost the night, when late-night repeat coverage goes on. Heh.

Oh, and then because the speakers are in my left ear, I can now totally tell what ads are playing by the soundtracks, rather than the picture over it. The P&G series about the moms and the laundry they do (unfair, I know, because I actually love the Moms/little Olympians execution). Coke. Toyota's I'm sorry ads. McDonald's chili sauce. That yourmarketingsucks site.

And tonight's newest that I just now noticed - Netjets? Really? That many people still have money that they can rent a jet that Netjets is advertising in primetime now?

Moving on...I know the IOC et al. frown upon unofficial Olympics merchandise. But, honestly, if you're not gonna choose the cutest magnet images for me to buy, and then on top of that, you're out of stock of the magnets I want on your online store, then yeah, I'm gonna make a magnet all on my own for myself.

I mean, how can you pass up these mascots?

Finally. Wow. Just wow.

I was going to do this whole magnetpost on who Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi are, but I just went to the Olympics site, and it's the best. site. ever! So great! Not only well-designed and just fittingly adorable as the mascots, but they've made the content relevant to kids - and adults - with mascot bios, fun games and not one, not two, but six Behind the Mascots Videos!

No way can I top that with a magnetpost. Just go spend time there. You don't even have to have a kid. Hahaha.

I am sad, though, cuz my Mukmuk the Marmot isn't in there. He's got a video, too, but basically, he's the big sports fan with the funny house filled with sport stuff! How cute is that guy? Dudes. He has a foam finger. Love.

Also? I won't lie. I just like saying mukmuk, really.




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jen said...

So cute! I like Miga the best.

And I have to say, I hate the P&G ads. Not the execution; the little Olympians are great. I hate that it centers only on moms. (No offense to moms -- I'm sure they do a lot, and I'm sure many use P&G products.) What are the dads? Chopped liver? Do men never pick up any P&G product anywhere ever? Bah. P&G, you can pull at my heartstrings -- and my wallet strings -- with commercials about dads. That's all I'm sayin.

joy said...


You should watch the videos - the guy who drew Quatchi kinda resembles him!

And, yeah, I see your point about the P&G ads. I honestly didn't even see anything wrong with the mom angle, mostly because I have to believe that P&G tested the bejeepers out of the concepts before executing them. Bet Moms tested better than the generic parents or Dads. Heh.

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