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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rollin' with the snowballs

Magnet #735 - Snowman

I couldn't have the "mega" storm of the century go by without using this CVS magnet!

I've said it before - one of my favorite things in this city is driving through a fresh snow in the middle of the night. It's one of the few times when New York seems at peace.

And, right now, we have a fair amount of snow on the ground, and falling. It's lovely out there.

Snow always reminds me of rolling snowballs in our front yard.

We'd start at the farthest corner, and just start rolling. Across the whole front lawn, down the front of the house, down the hill, then along to the road and back to the front again.

We'd just keep going round and round, til all you could hear in the quiet was the crunching and packing in of the snow on to the ball, and then the sounds of the grunts, as it the snowball grew bigger and bigger, until it was both bigger than we were, and hard as hell to push around.

Then the snowball would just sit at the far end of the front yard, melting day by day, sometimes the only pile of snow left as far as the eye could see.

No, there wasn't any reason we did it. But, man, we'd do that snowball before we'd even think of doing a snowman. Heh.

Good times.

I kinda wanted to do that tonight, on the way home, when the only sound in the car was the clicking of my blackberry keys and the sound of snow crunching and packing in under the car.

Can you imagine? Rolling a snowball down Broadway in the middle of the night, before everyone starts shoveling and salting the sidewalks. How big would that thing be if you want all the way down the West Side.

Freakin'. Awesome, is how big.
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