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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just the two of us

Magnet #722 - Cyprus

A friend of mine had her friend bring this back for me from their travels to Cyprus. It's so pretty and blue. Mind you, it took me forever to realize that it was Cyprus, and not Ceylon/Sri Lanka. I was all excited because I was like, hey! Duran Duran filmed videos in Sri Lanka!!!

Anyway, so Cyprus used to be a British protectorate, and is basically an island skirmished over by the Greeks and the Turks.

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean, something like the 3rd biggest island (after Sardinia and Sicily) in the sea...and at that, it's still only a sixth of the size of Connecticut! So small!

They have a few archaeological digs there, along with a ton of superold sites, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Tomb of the Kings," which dates back to the Hellenistic/early Roman period. It's amazing how islands date back this far, makes you wonder how many uncharted islands out there have history even further back.

So far, this is one of my most exotic magnets, so I'm happy to count it as one of my own. I picked it for today, because I saw it and wondered if the Cypriots were fielding an Olympic team. And they are!

Check it out! Two Alpine skiers, Christopher Papamichalopoulos, and his sister (!!!), Sophia Papamichalopoulos.

Of course, I haven't figured out where they train, but dang, that's pretty cool. I wonder if they have to room together.
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G said...

Were they part of that "grew up in Country X, but attended a boarding school in New England and learned to ski there" segment? Bob Costas used that same description for at least two athletes during the Parade of Nations on opening night.

Also, I just googled the phrase '"Christopher Papamichalopoulos" boarding school' and JoyMagnetism was the first result. Uhhhhh.

joy said...

Nah, I missed Cyprus walking, so I dunno if Bob mentioned them at all.

And, yep, I blame the googlebots - they spend a ton of time indexing my site, whether I like it or not, so I'm popping up under all the random stuff I blog about. I dunno if it's good or bad, though.