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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hearts and stars and smiles, oh my!

Magnet #733a & 733b - Red and Blue Hearts and Stars and Smilies

When people at work find themselves without gift wrap or ribbon, they totally come find me, because I keep a small stash of both at my desk.

The same goes for stickers.


Aside the fact that I hate throwing anything away, one never knows when one needs to wrap something quickly. The trick is also to keep anything that could potentially be wrapping, or those little things you wrap with the bows, or fun things to stick into cards, or whatever. (Note, I haven't even delved into the stash of notecards in the other drawer here.)

I found this the other day in my stash - it's a pile of holographic plastic cardstocky stuff that I had from literally a dozen years ago. Haven't a clue where I picked it up, I just couldn't bear to throw it away. It's too cute, and always makes for childlike fascination from kids and adults alike.

So, I just took a section of it and made it into this one magnet.

Of course, when I started, I had a good 3x5 piece affixed to the magnetic sheet. Then I started trimming it. Only, after I started trimming in a circle to get it perfect, I couldn't stop. So it's about a inch in diameter now. And not perfect.

It's kinda like how I kept trimming my sister's hair when she was little. I kept trying to get the length to be straight across the back. She kept fidgeting. It kept getting shorter and shorter.

Finally, when I got caught, we tried to convince her we were going for Debbie Gibson's hair.


She was really mad.

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G said...

Reminds me of the time I told my sister to "trim an inch off". She misheard that as "an inch long". Yeah, that was a bad thing.

Also reminds me of the time I went to a new salon and the stylist seemed extremely angry and stressed. She gave me a way way waaaaaaaaay too short cut, a cut that would have been short on a boy even. Turns out the salon was going out of business later that night.

I may never get my hair cut again.

joy said...

Yeah. See? Making me not even want to visit the salon tomorrow.

How was her hair, gin? Cuz don't they always say to pay attention to how your stylist does her own hair before you go to them?

G said...

They do say that, but I wouldn't have noticed. It was during my young and fashion-challenged phase. (As opposed to my older-yet-still-fashion-challenged phase.)

julie said...

The Debbie Gibson hair was at least better than any perm from mom or bangs....