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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where angels go

Magnet #723 - Columbia Pictures

I picked this magnet up during one of my supercool Sony Pictures tours.

Columbia Pictures was started by the infamous Cohn brothers in 1919, and since has been a great and storied picture house that held contract stars such as Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, and directors like Frank Capra shooting movies like It Happened One Night, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Columbia's gone through many owners - both personal and corporate, retaining same logo that's been altered over the years only a handful of times. No one knows who the original model was for it, but supposedly, the last model used was Annette Benning.

Indeed, I picked this magnet for today, because I didn't realize the Columbia lady wore other colors besides blue, and in the funtastic Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows that I watched with Mom last night, the lady with the torch was dressed in pink! So funny.

The movie was somewhat of a sequel to the Haley Mills movie, The Trouble with Angels, and deals with this girls Catholic school road trip, and the trouble that ensues with dragging a slew of wild and crazy girls across country in a bus, with a bunch of nuns. Between the almost trainwreck, the flat tires and the burro riding, it's actually a pretty hysterical movie. Clearly not on the level as It Happened One Night, but c'mon, not every movie can be the best movie ever.

Mind you, it's almost a hundred years later, and Columbia's still around, producing movies like Da Vinci Code and Casino Royale, so it looks like the lady with the torch is doin' something right.
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