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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Center of the culinary nation

Magnet #720 - Culinary Institute of America

Nestled upstate in Hyde Park, NY, is the supremely awesome Culinary Institute of America. And not just for the cool student stores there, where they have all this cool CIA swag to buy. Mind you, I never bought anything, lest anyone think that I can actually cook...or, that I'm a spy. Hahaha.

The CIA started out in the 1940s in New Haven, armed with 50 students being taught by a chef, baker and dietician. And now, 40,000+ students later, it's definitely lived up to its goal of being the center of the culinary nation.

What I love about visiting their pretty campus is the fact that you can visit one of the six restaurants to taste the fruits of their students' labor. I've never done dinner, but have heard it's amazing. But no matter, because I love, love, love their Apple Pie Bakery Café - so, so, sooooo good!

I totally want to get my parents to try visit, my mom for the good food, and my dad for the good bread. They'll love it.

Now. If I could only convince my dad that he does want to visit the Roosevelts houses up the street there. He loved Teddy's house at Oyster Bay, but it just so happens that he agrees with Teddy's politics more than FDR.
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G said...

Coffffffffffeeeee! You forgot the awesome coffeeeeeeeeeeee! I loved the Apple Pie Bakery Café when we went there twice in the same day. It was affordable without long lines.

The Bocuse D'Or (culinary competition) was held there last weekend. A weekend watching top chefs compete at the CIA? Delicious.

joy said...

Oh, yes, great coffee!

I love that it's so casual. And so good! I wish the French Culinary Institute downtown would have the same set-up. Would visit often!