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Friday, February 12, 2010

Go world

Magnet #721 - Canada

Got this one several years ago, and it only struck me to use a Canada magnet about an hour ago, when I thought, hmmm, I'm pretty much live-blogging the Olympic ceremonies right now on my Twitter/FB feed. Heh.

But, what's not to like about these ceremonies. I'm really enjoying them. Which is good, because they spent $30-40 million on it.

I love that it represents a lot of Canada that I don't always hear about. The four host First Nations introduction was awesome, though, I did hear there are something like 630 First Nations spread out across the country. That's kinda cool.

Plus, there's bears. Heh. And I almost want to drag out my church shoes and tapdance with this guy on my tv right now. Almost.

What I will say is that I am loving the ads during this broadcast - they're head over heels above the Superbowl ads.

Well, done, advertisers!

Huh. And then they brought in Peter Pan. Still, I love the Both Sides Now song, so I'll go with the Pete.

Annnnd, I'll go even further out on the limb. I liked the slam poetry segment. A lot, actually.

Oh, noes. That was really kind of sad. I feel bad for the apparent mechanical difficulties. Oiy. Someone didn't get to light a flame. Oops. But, man, 4 hours of intense mechanics, and it's down to the last 5 minutes. Dang.

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1 comment:

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

I liked the slam poetry, too!

And I think it was Wayne who didn't get to light the indoor flame, and that actually worked out really well, since he lit the "real" outdoor flame all by his GreatOnesome.

I really liked the music of the ceremony, the songs and the fiddling, and the quotes about the different parts of Canada. I guess I just don't really go in for the artsy-fartsy parts like the Peter Pan element. Lucky for me I was doing needlework, so I just listened to every thing, so I caught all the good parts!