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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clear eyes, full hearts

Magnet #403 - Friday Night Lights

Ya'll know I've been waiting on this magnet for a while, since I love me some Coach Kyle. (Yes, imagine this entire magnetpost with a bit of a North Carolina twang.)

I decided today's the perfect day to use this one, since Variety announced that DirecTV and NBC are picking up Friday Night Lights for not one, but two (!) seasons!



Well directed, well written, well acted, well produced - it's just the perfect little show that could. Quality television all around.

I'm not gonna lie - the pretty boys (yes, I just unabashedly linked to a bunch of Taylor Kitsch picspam from a friend of mine's LJ site, so any guys reading this, don't click this link) running around a football field don't hurt, either. I mean, who doesn't want to come home to a Coach Kyle at night, no matter how pig-headed he's being.

Mind you, I'm managing my own expectations on this deal - two seasons is a pretty big commitment for a show that almost didn't finish the season last year or the year before. And, even if it's only 13 episodes each season, we'll shut up and take what we can get, man.

This is one of those shows that people just love. I think it's because no matter where you're from, we all recognize these people, places and situations in our own lives.

For me, it's the accents of everyone I ever grew up with down in Salisbury, NC. (Yes, I know there's a difference between NC and TX, thank you.) It's the high school football games I stood in the stands, and marched on the field for.* It's all the teachers and classmates that I had.

For me, Friday Night Lights just reminds me of home. (sans the really hot football coach, but if you substituted a really hot band director, you'd be spot on)

So, well done, DirecTV and NBC, for taking a chance, and mostly for taking the time to develop an audience for a beloved show.

And yay, for the FNL folks!

*Yes. I was in marching band. Shut it.

And not for nothing, but if I had one thing to complain about for FNL, is that they need a bigger marching band component to make it just a little more real. I'm just sayin'.

Two other places for more
(than just squeeing over pretty boys) insightful information:
Jace @ Televisionary
Alan Sepinwall @ What's Alan Watching?

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Chango Change-o

Magnet #402 - Chango

They say that the average lifespan of a restaurant is about five years, and it's probably less than that here in New York.

So, it's no surprise that since I've been at one work location since 1998, that I've seen no less than seven restaurants change hands within a 2-block radius.

Here's another one that bit the dust a few years ago - Chango.

Supercute on the inside, Mexican food was relatively good, and their margaritas were pretty good, too.

Mmmmm. A margarita, or five, would be great right now.

What? It's Monday!
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

You say goodbye, I say hello

Magnet #401 - Goodbye Kitty

So, I really haven't a clue how this magnet made it into my collection.

My best guess is that I bought it cuz it reminded me of an old LG laundry ad. The ad had either a teddy bear, or a pug dog sitting in the dryer, and the copy was all about getting the wrinkles out of anything.

But, as I looked closer at the magnet, I noticed a little TM after Kitty. That was a little strange, so, I looked it up.

Oh. My. God. Apparently, curiosity killed the cat!

As near as I can tell, it's a David & Goliath creation - a series of Goodbye Kitty posters/pictures/graphic tees/etc., where the poor kitty is being microwaved, vacuumed, blendered, etc.!

Eeeeep! They're anti-Hello Kitty! Nooooooooo! I love my Hello Kitty!!!!!

Besides the D&G stuff (including a Frogger-like game - Ack!), you would not believe the amount of anti-Hello Kitty stuff there is out there!

You mean, mean, mean people! She's never done anything to you people except be cute! She's the travel ambassador to Japan! She's every stereotypical Asian girl's best friend!

You people leave her alone!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biggest little city

Magnet #400 - Joy in Reno

I've never been to Reno, but from what I could tell, in the ranks of casino towns, it's just above Atlantic City, but way below Vegas.

If I were to be completely honest, were I to visit Reno, I'd be spending a goodly portion of my time just sitting in front of the slot machines. For some reason, I think I can control the spins of the machine...just by pressing the buttons. It's actually kind of sad, really, how quickly I can go through a roll of quarters.

But, according to the Reno-Tahoe travel website, there's some fun stuff to do in Reno.

There's the National Automobile Museum (whose site doesn't work so well) and the Nevada Museum of Art (whose logo is cute as a button - confusing to the eye, but still cute), plus at least half a dozen historic buildings to visit (including a building that was given by the state of California, for the Transcontinental Highway Exposition).

What? We all know that I love the fun sights to see in any town.

Here's another - the Lake Mansion, owned by the founders of Reno, which apparently has been jacked up and moved a couple of times in its 132-year history. So funny. And they say it might be haunted. Really? Did the ghosts move with them? I'd bet the ghosts are slightly confused by their surroundings - maybe they need Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer to help them out?

Oh. There's also a bunch of outdoor stuff, like skiing and golf.

Umm, yeah. See how I didn't even pay attention to any of that stuff?
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Friday, March 27, 2009

What's your joy?

Magnet #399 - Double Happiness

Ok. How freakin' awesome is this magnet! My friend over at Your Nose Is Quite Big sent it to me from Beijing, China!

Thanks! I love it. I love it SO much! Seriously, I can't imagine that there's such a thing as double happiness!

Without becoming too maudlin, this magnet really does make you wonder what it would take in your own life to achieve such a joyous state. To be honest, I've never really thought about what would truly make me happy - you know, beyond the silly answers of world peace and a pot of gold.

But, I've been thinking a lot about this topic - particularly after having just read more than 200 essays essentially about what would make people happy. I have to say that it was extremely uplifting to see that things people were hoping for. Happiness for themselves, their friends and family. Happiness through God and Country.

Of course, there were the requisite nutjobs filling out the essay, but hey, who's to say that being master of all time and space wouldn't make me happy, too?
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where the boys are

Magnet #398 - Florida, Joy and the boys

Yep. So, if there's one thing to sum up our time in Tampa, it's this picture.

Remember last week, my post about hating being a Damsel in Distress? And that the production guys were bailing us out left and right?

Here's two of them right here. Without these two guys, Jay and Ash, along with the entire Evolution Studios team, we'd probably still be down there, looking at empty pavilions. You seriously can't get any better than than this team. Whether it was running down to the school buses a mile away to get coolers full of school lunches, or hauling 50 cases of bottled water for the students, or always being around when we had some ridiculous request or ten, or just needed someone to calm us down - I don't think they ever said no to us.

And, my other guy of the week, Mr. Erik Estrada, who did everything we asked, without complaint. Who signed every autograph, kissed every cheek, shook every hand - and was without a doubt, one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

I's a lucky, lucky girl, no doubt. Thank you guys, so very, very much.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soaking it up like a sponge

Magnet #397 - Tarpon Springs

So, on the day before leaving Hotel California, we were able to steal away for a final team lunch. They said, we're going for Greek, everyone all aboard.

Ya'll know how when I visit someplace, I like to do my research. I like to know what's there to see, what places to visit, what you shouldn't miss, etc., etc. But ya'll also know that when the team heads to Tampa for Transitions, we don't actually see Tampa. We see Innisbrook, and if we're lucky, we'll see the Transitions offices.

So, imagine my surprise, when I look up, and suddenly, I see we're down at some docks, with Greek establishments and surf shops and gift shops, and sponge boats and piles of sponges - everywhere.

Dudes. We went to the Sponge Capital of the World.

Dudes. I didn't even know that they were called the Sponge Docks until someone told me when we got back.

The deal is, the Gulf waters of Florida are some of the best areas for sponge diving. And, the reason why there's a huge Greek community here, is because this Greek guy came, and introduced the sponge diving technique (before, they just used hooks).

I know! You don't even think about where that loofah or sponge came from! From here! It came from here!

And, yes, even though we came for lunch, I ended up speed-dating Tarpon Springs. The boats were supercool with their piles of sponges. There was a bronze diver statue, which I didn't get to take pictures of. But, I did manage to pic up the two signs, in case you wanted to read more. I didn't get to see the Historic Sponge Exchange, but, of course, I made my way through at least four or five gift shops, of course, to find just the right magnet.

Methinks this boat, with the bits and bobs of sponge on it, totally rocks. Geddit it? Boat? Rocks?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fat Witch Joy

Magnet #396 - Fat Witch

There's a brownie bakery over at Chelsea Market, on 15th and 9th called Fat Witch Bakery. They have the most amazing brownies. Period.

Get thee there. ASAP.

My favorite is their breakfast brownie - oatmeal, walnut and coffee, with a little bit of brownie. Have that with a cup of coffee, and you're golden.

I picked this for today's magnet because I've openly been a witchy, bitchy grumpypants this whole year. On top of that, the doctors I visited last month told me I could stand to lose a couple of pounds here and there.

Little did they know that hanging out in Tampa working from sun-up to just a few hours to the next sun-up, would make us drop some weight. It's the one constant that we've noticed these last twelve days down there - the clothes we brought down hang just a little looser now. For example, a snug pair of jeans fresh from the dryer...I can now pull on and off without unbuttoning them. Heh.

Actually, it's because of that, that I felt totally well within my rights to go to Daily Eats just before leaving for the airport. And, I fully enjoyed that potato-chip encrusted turkey burger and honey-drizzled sweet potato fries that I have been looking forward to since the last time I was down there.

It didn't disappoint. Neither did the Deep Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean milkshake.

Fat witch that one, docs.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Healthy insight in every light

Magnet #395 - Meerkats from Cape Town, South Africa

A friend of mine brought me back this magnet from her trip to South Africa. How funny is this Meerkat family!

Alas, I haven't watched Meerkat Manor, so all I can think of when I see this is Amy Adams in Junebug, when she said her favorite animal was the meerkat and that kid from the O.C. fighting with the VCR to record the show about them. Heh.

Speaking of cool animals, last night around 1:30-2, as we were wandering around the Innisbrook complex - we saw not one, but two (!) armadilloes! How freakin' cool is that? Honestly, I thought they were native to Texas, not Florida. Still. Innisbrook armadilloes! Neat!

But, the real reason I picked this magnet for today, is because as you may have seen yesterday, Retief Goosen of South Africa won the inaugural Transitions Championship. Congratulations!

So funny that I walked by you two days ago, and was like, hmmm, wonder if he's one of those golfers.

I know, I know. But I'm not a huge golf fan. I think you need at least a few people like that to work this sort of event. That way, you don't feel like you're missing out if you don't get to see any of the actual tournament.

Though, I'll be honest, from our perch in the corporate skybox on the 18th green, we watched yesterday's last few putts, and then trophy ceremony. That was pretty damn cool.

Anyway, yay, Goosen!

Oh! Before I forget. Below are many, many, many pictures from the Transitions Championship. It was a great two weeks, filled with insight to how this world works and doesn't work, the learning curves and fun times, and teamwork and strife, and fun Tournament crushes and yelling matches. Yep. All in a day's work.

In the end, we can step back and say that we lived the vision we concepted months ago, put on a fantabulous event, and we're looking forward to next March. After we all get a little bit of sleep. Heh.

Riding Shotgun with Ponch pictures
Transitions Championship pictures (mine)
Transitions Championship pictures (official)

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pip, pip, no way

Magnet #394 - Charles Dickens' Miss Havisham

A friend of mine brought me this magnet from the Charles Dickens Museum in London - it was one of the museums I missed out on last year.

At the risk of sounding a bit like Miss Havisham, I've learned a few things this week.

I've always known that I don't want kids. I'd screw 'em up too bad, they're too much responsibility, and I don't want any of that.

And, after helping shepherd 1,200 second to eighth graders last Wednesday, that's pretty much confirmed now. I mean, I really love kids a lot, and they generally love me. But, I have to be honest, my favorite time with them is actually giving them back to their owners.

The no kids rule is fine, because I've pretty much always known that I don't want to ever get married, either. Just not going to happen. There are a million reasons why not (maintaining my independence first and foremost), but this is a magnetblog, so I won't get into it.

Before these last two days with Erik Estrada, there were a few exceptions to that no marriage rule. I maybe would have said yes to George Clooney. However. After having watched Erik try to sit down to have a simple meal, but be constantly interrupted and accosted, George doesn't have a chance with me.

I'd want to build a fence around him.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Magnet #393 - SoapNet Drama

Or, rather Innisbrook drama.

Or, rather drama, in general.

Eh, it's not worth a whole magnetpost. Possible edits to come.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ponch and Joy

Magnet #392 - California

In my eleven years at this company, I've been asked to do some pretty crazy stuff. Or, what I thought was crazy stuff.

But, I think something new might actually top that list.

Today and tomorrow, I'm riding shotgun with Ponch.


From CHiPs.

He's here at the Transitions Championship to issue Sight-ations to spectators. I am not even joking.



I'll get more into it tomorrow, especially after I see how today goes.

Here's a preview. Last night at dinner - yes, I had dinner with Erik Estrada - he was approached by at least a few people. That's not including the stares, gawkers, oglers (because yes, because I have to admit, Ponch, who just turned 60, is still pretty hot), and fanboys and fangurls.

If that's any indication, the man's definitely going to draw a crowd, and we'll have to get one of our big guys to walk around with us to keep the people at bay.

After dinner, I drove him back to his dorm, I mean, hotel room, and I got a kiss on the cheek and a "good night, baby."

Lord. The little girl who refused to take a bath until CHiPs was over got a kiss from Ponch.

Ok. More later. Also? Totally going to make a magnet out of these picutres.
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A course is a course

Magnet #391 - Copperhead Course at Innisbrook

Today is the beginning of the Transitions Championship, played on the Copperhead course at Innisbrook.

I've been all over hill and dale of Copperhead, and I've been spoiled. The first time I was on it, the course was closed, so we had free reign all over. It was quite amazing.

I love taking the cart and just roaming around, even though I still can't wend my way through the back nine without getting lost.

Aside from the 13th hole at Thomasville Country Club, Copperhead might be the only golf course I've ever been on. It's private. It's superpretty.

Apparently, the pros like this course, because of the degree of difficulty.

Eh, I just like it cuz it's pretty.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy bunny, not so happy

Magnet #390 - Happy Bunny Skull and bunnybones

So, it's Youth Wellness day, part of our Healthy Lifestyles in Sight week at the Transitions Championship.

We have 1,200 kids rolling through here today, on top of the beginning of the Pro-Am. I think it'll be a madhouse, and if we just accept that from the beginning, that's half the battle.

Personally, though, I will consider it a victory if we don't lose any of those kids to Big Al the alligator who lives in the water feature down at 4.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Able to leap tall buildings

Magnet #389 - New York's Time Warner Center

I have a love hate relationship with this building - it's the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

One, it gives a weird twin tower effect, but in midtown. Two, it took the place of the old NY Coliseum, which, though old and sad, was still part of a NY that's rapidly getting overrun by new builds everywhere. (New builds, mind you, that no one has any money to lease, rent or buy into.)

But, I do have to say, I do kinda love TWC, too. And not just because I used to want to work there. It's just a pretty cool building. One tower's mostly residential and hotel, and the other is corporate TWC offices, WB and CNN.

Sadly, once, I went out for drinks with clients at the gorgeous Mandarin Hotel bar on the 30-something-eth floor, and my view was right into a Warner Bros floor. It was so close, and yet so far.

I don't really like the mall in the first floor. It's just like they packed up Mad Ave and moved it west. Though, I won't complain because there's also a Borders and a Whole Foods, and a great Samsung experience there.

I picked this magnet up from the Skyscraper Museum, downtown. Love that place, but I wish it were more than one floor. Right now there's an exhibit comparing buildings and density between the vertical cities of New York and Hong Kong. Superinteresting.

But, I really picked this magnet, because I miss New York. There's too much air and space, trees and sunshine here. Also? I am going insane driving around in golf carts. It's too slow! And then, when I leave campus, I find myself going like 15 on the highways, because I realize that I'm inching along. Crazy.

Who would have thought that I'd miss concrete and glass.

Oh, and my post title is actually more relevant to yesterday's activities with the production guys. Yes. More saving of our collective behinds, and in general being our get-it-done guys. Sigh.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Damsels in distress

Magnet #389 - Disney Princesses Crowned with Beauty

As far as I can tell, except for smiling really pretty and cajoling the hell out of someone, I try not use my so-called feminine wiles to get what I want. It's mostly because I'm not a pretty, pretty princess type.

I don't play the silly git who can't add two and two (even though I can't).

I don't flaunt my so-called wares to score a free round of drinks or dinner.

And I most certainly don't like playing damsel in distress, waiting for the big bad hero to come and save me.

And yet. These last five days in Tampa have seen me playing the damsel in distress more times than I'd like to count.

Seriously. I hate it. I hate being dependent on someone else. I hate taking up someone else's valuable time with something that's my responsibility, but that I can't physically can't do. I hate imposing on someone to stop what they're doing and go out of their way they're doing to help me get some stuff done.

I just hate asking for help, is really what it boils down to.

But sometimes, you just can't run a forklift to move some skids. You can't run electricity yourself. You can't lift heavy crates on your own. You can't blame yourself for not bringing a Philips screwdriver on site. Gah.

And sometimes, you find yourself needing a hero. Or two. Or ten.

What is it about guys in production being like the most helpful, get it done guys in the world? Whether it's designing and producing a million ads in New York, or printing a million banners or grabbing a forklift to run some pallets around for us Tampa, the production guys I work with are truly spectacular. I'm telling ya'll, without the local team here, I probably would have packed up five days ago.

At some point, the word thanks doesn't cover it. But, thanks soooo much, guys. Mwah!!!

Wait. That wasn't a wile, I swear.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's bugging joy

Magnet #387 - Derian #14


How much time have you got?

On the other hand, that's why preparation and set-up is the most important part of any event. Gives you time to work the bugs out.

See what I did there?
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's time to get things started*

Magnet #386 - The Muppets

I picked this magnet up in DC, at Jim Henson's Fantastic World, an exhibition sponsored by the Smithsonian. Such a great show, and a great tribute.

Not only did I get to relive so many memories - the Muppets, Sesame Street, the Fraggles (and the Doozers) - but I got to learn a lot more about him. His commercial work, a ton of puppet concepts that didn't get produced, how some puppets evolved, etc. Great fun.

But, I picked this one for today, because this week's definitely going to get sillier than the Muppets, if tonight's any indication.

Ahem. Today's highlight (Yes, it's 2:10am, and I've already had my highlight of the day.):

Four of us girls hiding in the bushes in the dark, lying in wait for two of the boys on the team. Said girls jumping out of said bushes and screaming like banshees...and scaring the crap out of of said boys.

The car down the street could hear the cursing, and the "I'm gonna dropkick the four of youuuuuuu!" We know, because in the car, was one of the other guys on the team...who doubled back to laugh at us guffawing at the boys.

Thank goodness they didn't drop the laptop...or the 500 copies of handbook information in their arms.

All's fun and games, until we're crouched in front of Edinburgh Hall, desperately trying to collate a ream of paper.

*Because now I'll be singing The Muppet Show opening sequence all day.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Way out

Magnet #385 - Way out

Magnet from the London Transit Museum.

Make of it what you will. Heh.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fishy thoughts

Magnet #384 - Contemplate

Yep. Another swag magnet - still not sure which stockhouse this came from.

Do you suppose fish get dizzy watching clothes swirl around in the washer/dryer? Also, is that fish checking out that chick's bum?

And, how did I not convince anyone that we need Transitions or Transitions Championship magnets? How could this be? (Oh! Maybe I'll snag a couple of the swirl stickers and make them magnets. Hah. Score.)

Oiy. This always happens. An early morning flight, and I can't sleep. I get all contemplative and my head can't turn off. It's not nerves.

I'm fairly sure that it's the can of Coke I had with dinner. Argh.

I was packing (I'm always a late packer. I'll pack until the second the car gets here, cuz it's what I do.). Then I was dropping stuff to DVD, so that I can bring it with me. Then I was working. Then I was sewing. (What?)

And now, I'm sitting here blogging. Only because my eyes, though twitchy, aren't remotely sleepy. Stupid Coke! It's ok, because my coworkers already down in Tampa are working, too. So. There.

I thought I'd talk about that time I woke up late and almost missed my flight. But no way, no how do I want to put that karma out there.

Jeepers. Excuse me, while I go walk backward in the bathroom 3 times.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ready or not, here I come

Magnet #383 - Florida

(Caution, there be advertising ahead...mind you, none of the below thoughts/opinions/yada-yada reflect the opinions of my employer, my clients, etc., etc., caveatcakes.)

So, because of this story, the producer on our TV spot bought me this magnet. Very sweet. Thanks, Alisa!

It's hard to believe the last six months have passed by in a flurry, and we're down to crunch time.

We've all gearing up for the Transitions Championship next week, a PGA TOUR golf tournament held down at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, outside of Tampa. It'll be the culmination of many long days and nights for most everyone involved, and I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

But, I'm not gonna lie, man. Sheesh. It's like I've never been away from home before, with the amount of prepping and packing and wardrobe buying.

In my defense, it's such an odd trip - it's clothes for staffing events/tents, clothes for play, clothes for client play, jammies acceptable to wear in polite company. You get the picture.

And my DVR's gonna miss me while I'm gone! I figured out last night, as I was ruthlessly deleting my stored shows, that just tomorrow and Friday, I've got ten shows on the docket. That's two Thursdays and Fridays - each! Twenty shows! Jeepers.

I'm hoping my luck holds, because I think I can fit something like 3o shows on my DVR. I think. Mind you, this yet another reason never to get HD, and another reason for hotels to have DVRs for their guests!

Finally, I've been toying with a theme for the next 12 days - should I do straight refrigerator magnets (no muss, no fuss, albeit odd organizations and businesses getting free advertising)? Should I do art gallery images (what? you didn't like yesterday's Whistlejacket, the cutest horse on the planet?)? See the thinking that goes on for joy magnetism?

Eh, in the end, I think I'm just gonna stay true to the joy magnetism mission statement. Random magnets. Random stories.

Signing off now. And, I'll see ya'll on the other side. Florida, please. Be kind to me.

(Mind you, I am totally sneaking away at some point for that scrumptious potato chip-encrusted turkey burger at Daily Eats. Oh. And a superearly morning breakfast at, yes, Dennys. Mark my words.)
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If wishes were...well, you know

Magnet #382 - Stubbs' Whistlejacket

This magnet is part of my London National Gallery art collection...his name's Whistlejacket, painted around 1762 by George Stubbs.

He's cute! Whistlejacket, I mean. I dunno about Stubbs.

Apparently, Whistlejacket was a fairly successful racehorse in the 1750s/60s, owned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham.

I just picked him because with all of us at work closing in on actual Tournament week (gravy, I can't even remember if I've blogged about what I'm actually working on for that event), it feels like we're racing headlong into the wind, toward the finish line.

I also picked him, cuz at this point, I'm wishing like hell to be able to have him waiting outside my front door, and carry me away. Sometimes, you really do wish running away were an option.

Wait, have I mentioned I used to have a pony? I could swear I have, but all attempts at searching on joy magnetism for horse, pony, tatay hitting horse, galloping, falling on head, stepping on hair, and getting back on that horse, haven't yielded anything.

Wait. Maybe I don't need to tell ya'll that story now.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweep this, Dookies

Magnet #381 - UNC Tar Heels

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't watch the game. I've said it before, the last few times I've tried to watch? The boys in Carolina blue lost. So I stopped watching.

Well, that's not entirely true of yesterday. Actually, I fell asleep watching something else, and the TV defaulted to the game. I think Jenny woke me up, and I rewound the last two minutes of the game, through Tyler fouling out, said sleepily, "Suck it, Dook," and drifted back to sleep.

In fact, it's been such a crazy 2009, that the entire Carolina Tar Heels basketball season has passed me by. That makes me sad.

It's also ironic, because this year, we seem to be building up a quite a group of Tar Heel fans in the office. Ok, fine, there's like 4 of us. Plus, there's my personal FB page, riddled with Carolina fans and fellow alum.

I feel like I'm letting them all down, particularly when our junior AE comes bounding in to work the next day and is like, Didja watch? Huh? Didja watch? Huh? Huh? Huh? And when I respond back with a curt, no, I was working, he always looks crestfallen...especially when I'm not jumping for joy with him over each win.

So. You can't see me, but I'm at least hopping for me over yesterday's 79-71 win over Dook.

Go Heels!
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Glass works

Magnet #380 - Corning Museum of Glass

A couple of years ago, a client of mine wanted to create an annual award given out to a few of their employees in the name of an employee, one of the victims of September 11th. It had to a superspecial award, something that had to be meaningful and strong, yet beautiful and elegant.

So we decided to work with Steuben, a local New York company, who produces some of the purest crystal in the world. Steuben is actually a division of Corning, who produces industrial glass and fiber optics.

And, so, on a field trip for another client prospect, we managed to drop by the Corning Museum of see if we could source out an artist who could make our award. But what I found at the museum was simply amazing.

Even though I've seen a ton of Dale Chihuly's work, and loved it, I had no idea that there was a whole other world of glass artists. Artists who showed me how malleable and colorful and exquisite glass could be. These pics are just some of what was in the museum's collection, but you can visit their online collection to see more.

I hope to go back at some point, and be able to take my time walking through there - it really was sort of point, snap and click. And then just a little time shopping in the little shop. Where I picked up this magnet. It doesn't do the glass inside the museum justice, but I think I picked up one of the last two magnets in the store. So, yay, me.

In the end, we went with a ready-made Steuben piece for the client, a lower-cost piece, but still simply gorgeous. But I loved working with the Steuben people to concept some ideas, talking about production time, and learning their processes, and what goes into creating this stuff.

I'm still receiving the Steuben catalogs. I love looking through them, just to see what their new designs are, and what new animals they've created as handcoolers.

I'll be honest here, even though I know some of these large pieces are really art, I still don't really get the point of spending gobs of money on crystal lobsters ($650) or penguins ($2,175), or even images of Moby Dick (at $43,000, you gotta really love Herman Melville).

Regardless, they're fabulous pieces, every single one.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stimulus, what?

Magnet #379 - Robin Hood

My friend went to Nottingham and brought me back this Robin Hood magnet. But, I don't think she actually visited the attraction!

Huh. I was going to visit the site, and link ya'll to it. But, this link announcing that the joint is closed until further notice, makes me supersad...and leads me into my next subject.

Apparently, Robin Hood has struck America because someone's distributed a lot of wealth to a lot of shoppers today.

Today was self-enforced day off (a decision I made when I realized that none of my conversations were making sense, and made into a firm resolution when I fell asleep on a big purple just the 10 minutes it took for the cleaning lady to vacuum the conference room I've been living in since last Sunday.) Instead, I went shopping for work clothes to wear in Tampa. Supergreat stuff, and mostly on sale - even though I bought way too much.

But I wasn't alone. As I mentioned before, whomever said America was hurting, didn't visit Jersey. Or rather, upstate New York, as in today's case. Whoa. So many shoppers out and about!

It might have been the wonderful warm weather today, but man, were they out in force! Of course, you could see that there were less shopping bags, and only a rare line or two at different shops. But, still, one can't help but wonder what's going on...particularly as they announced that the unemployment rates at its highest levels in more than 25 years. Superscary. Mind you, I'm not excluding myself from this bunch. I'm just afeared of all the media coverage. Anyway.

Hah. You thought this might be a rant about Robin Hood the BBC show? Nah. Though that's what I was saving this magnet for, I've decided not acknowledge what happened at the end of the last season. You don't mess with canon, people. Also? Guy's hair looks crappy in the upcoming really, what point is there to watching it. I'm just sayin'.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ask and ye shall...

Magnet #378 - Assistance and tickets

I picked this magnet for a couple of reasons. It's from my London Transit magnet sheet set. Yes, I like big sets of magnets. What? You're surprised?

So, here's why I picked it:

1) Assistance. I have a hard time asking for it. And that's a lot of why I've been at the office until after midnight for 5 of the last 7 days. It's been great though, because there's a select group of people who have pitched in like nobody's business, and helping get a ton of really good work done. And I thank them wholeheartedly. They've been superawesome. Especially for putting up with me this last week.

2) Tickets. Goldengait did a rather sad post against the poor service at the USPS. Which is somewhat funny, cuz I just picked up a new FB friend (an old college roomie I'd lost touch with) who just joined the USPS. I promise if you ever met her, GG, you'd love her. But, I can't believe your mail got hijacked and your concert tickets were lost! That totally sucks!

3) I was on the subway today, and saw some left-wing transit-rider advocate ad that was explaining that the new Bloomberg balance the budget plan would make my monthly commute $103, and give me less train service. Wasn't there some sort of budget surplus several years ago? Where'd that dough go? Even so, $103 is probably the still cheapest mode of travel.

Oddly, I realized tonight that I missed riding the subway home. Since I've been going home so late, I've been taking car service home. Mind you, it's probably not a good thing that the guys at dispatch know my name and sometimes my voice. Today was a bit of an ordeal after a waiting snafu had me waiting on the front stoop when the NY office boss came back to pick up his stuff after an awards dinner. (For some reason, I hate when the big guys see me at the office at odd times. Like when one of our CEOs saw me leaving the office as he was coming 5:30. Or, another CEO turned the corner and scared the snot out of me in the middle of the night.)

Then, I got huffy at the driver, and tried to ignore his chattiness, about my job and his job, about traffic, etc. I felt bad that I snapped at him, so I couldn't just ignore him. So, now we're chatting a little. And then I find out that he'd been driving around town since 6. AM! Then I felt even worse, because he was so chip after being on duty for so long.

Oiy. See? No matter how bad you think you have it...there's always someone else who has it worse. And someone else who handles it better. Sigh.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shhh, or my mom will exterminate you

Magnet #377 - Doctor Who Dalek

I know this Dalek might have a name, but ya'll know how I feel about Daleks, so I have no idea what his name or affiliation is on Doctor Who. Heh.

I just needed a TV magnet to say, oh my goodness, I miss my television. And my television misses me.

I'm going to be away for 14 days in March, and all I can think of are two things.

1) That I need to clear off my DVR of all the Chucks, Terminators, Psychs, Bones, Flashpoints, Trust Mes, Damages, Lie to Mes, Knight Riders, Numb3rs and (that full marathon of) Leverage that I haven't watched yet! And,

2) Assuming I get time to clear off the stuff on the DVR, what if my DVR can't handle all my shows that will air during that 14-day stretch?

Good gravy. What's a girl to do. Heh.

Oh. Here's a good story for today. I have corrupted a minor, without meaning to. You know how kids pick up whatever the hell comes out of your mouth?

Today, a coworker brought her daughter in to work - I love this little girl, ya'll. She's freakin' adorable, and she's way more fun to play with than my coworkers. But she was sitting here in the conference room with me, and I (like a dummy) gave her permanent markers to draw with. And I (like a dummy) said...just be careful, don't mark all over your pretty pink shirt, or your mom will kill me!

Now. Guess who has been repeating that all afternoon. Only now, it's morphed into:

Shhhhh! Or my mom will kill you.

Annnnnd, I think I've proven why I should never have kids.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Save-a-Show Mission

Magnet #376 - Guys and Dolls

I mentioned before that I really love going to shows when they're in previews. It's more exciting when things go wrong, and it just feels more like unpolished production, not one of those slick, mass-markety Broadway numbers.

And in that respect, Guys and Dolls didn't fail me. Besides loading in the audience superlate (the line was around the block, and people were still filing in at showtime). So, it was already a late start, but about five minutes into the show, a PA fuzzy (but very modulated) announcement sounded: "Production halted, all actors leave the stage."

Freakin' awesome.

We were left in the dark for a bit, and then the director came out and started talking to us. He said that he'd gotten too big for his britches that day, the day he decided not to come out before the show to explain that they were in previews.

He further explained that a major mobile set piece had broken down, and the production stagehands were fixing it. And that we'd understand why they had to fix it before going on with the show. It's true, the set piece was a major part of the production, so yay, they got it fixed, and they restarted the show without a hitch.

But, you know what's funny? The guy who played Sebastian in that somewhat disastrous Little Mermaid production, Tituss Burgess, was Nicely-Nicely Johnson in this production! What IS it with this guy and me in a theatre together?

Anyway, I didn't want to post an early review of the show while it was in previews cuz it feels like it's a bit unfair to judge a show before they're ready. But I bought this magnet there in anticipation.

For those of you who don't know the cast, the headliners were Craig Bierko, Oliver Platt, Kate Jennings Grant, and Lauren Graham. I know, right? I was surprised, too, that Lorelai was gonna hit the a musical, no less.

But, you know that blonde bimbo part that Lesley-Anne Warren played in Victor, Victoria? That's basically this part - the classic blonde bimbo with a dream of nabbing the boy and living happily ever after. As she has said - everywhere, in every interview - she doesn't sing as bad as Lorelai did on Gilmore Girls. Tis true. She wasn't half bad...but she was still Lorelai in my head - only trying to play the half-nekkid blonde bimbo with a curly blonde wig. Not surprising, she actually received the loudest applause upon first stage entrance.

Craig Bierko was good, if a little milquetoast. He's got something...but it's a nebulous thing between sex appeal and presence. I can't figure him out - because I love him, but he's that all-American guy that should be in a letterman jacket and slicked back hair, and stuck back in the 50s/60s.

And Oliver Platt, I dunno, though he was good, he just didn't gel for me. He was a little too unkempt for me to believe him as a slickster gambler...especially because he was playing the Frank Sinatra/Nathan Lane part. It was like watching Porthos in a Zoot suit, instead of watching him run around with Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Chris O'Donnell.

The two who stood out for me were (not surprisingly) Kate Jennings Grant and Mary Testa. Both felt right in their parts to me, and both were terrific, hitting all of their numbers out of the park.

Tituss Burgess, for me, always feels like he's actively trying to steal the show - so I automatically dislike any of his numbers, no matter how good he is.

The production...I go back and forth. I really liked the overall production. And I loved the use of the doors at the beginning. They moved and swiveled and forced us to believe that they were inside or outside. Which was cool the first few times, but it started to get distracting as the show went on. The sets and how they morphed into various NYC locales was terrific - especially one really well directed/produced scene in the subway.

I did love the costumes and hair, and the fun zoot suits. And the marquee'd lighting design was absolutely marvelous, if a little blinding.

I loved that they bookended the beginning and the end with author Damon Runyon...but then my sister pointed out that he'd been in a few scenes within the show. I'd completely missed everything in between! Which is sad, because apparently, one of the actors actually interacted with Runyon, telling him to skedaddle. I'm sorry I missed it!

The latest news on Guys and Dolls is that it opened to rather negative reviews this weekend - so bad, that they weren't even sure they'd keep going. NYT's Artsbeat says that the producers are planning to the keep the show open, and that they're stumped as to what they're going to use as blurbs to sell the show.

That makes me sad. While it's not my most favorite production or story ever, you could tell that everyone was putting their hearts and souls into the show. For me? That's key.

To learn more about the show, and to see some fabulous pics, NYTs did a terrific dedicated page - you can find out what a Guy is. /not even kidding at all

So, last night, I was here in the office, and realized it was March 4. And I walked out into the hallway, and to absolutely NO ONE, I said, March 4. Something big is on March 4.

Sniff. I need to write these things down...Happy birthday, Anonymous!!! You can't spell magnetism without NEAT (which is what I think you are...not neat as the opposite of slob, but neat as in, you're just neato!) and TEN, (which on a scale of one to nine, you're a definite ten). What? Not all of us can be word geniuses.

Yay, happy birthday!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the fight is worth it

Magnet #375 - Valley Forge

So, today when I got in to work, it was superduper cold, only in the 20s. Even as I type this now (admittedly late), it's like 26 degrees outside.

Then you think about the guys at Valley Forge, who spent seven winters there, they had like two years of severe cold...meaning single-digits lows and low-double-digit highs. That's insane. I mean, thank goodness Valley Forge is in Pennsylvania, rather than someplace like wintry Minnesota!

Still, I can't even imagine having to spend the winter standing around sad little campfires, with holey uniforms (if that) and holey shoes (if that), with no real rations to speak of, fighting for a cause that they weren't even sure would be successful. Sheesh.

But, thankfully, they kept up the fight, cuz otherwise, who knows what the alternative would have been.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what's worth fighting for and what's easier left alone.

I have no real answer. Just that we all sort of have those opportunities and challenges to sort through, and sometimes, it would be nice to be able to see the outcome before deciding that something's worth falling on a sword.

Trouble is, sometimes it feels like I'm walking through a field of swords, and it's foggy out there.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a PC girl, livin' in a Mac world

Magnet #374 - Angry Little Girls Damn, I'm Cute

I'm just going to admit what might be the most unpopular opinion I have ever stated on joy magnetism.

I hate Macs.

I know they're superdupercute. I know they're supposed to be superintuitive. I know they're supposed to make my life easier. I know I should be grateful, because the agency has given us these superbeautiful 17" MacBook Pros to work on. And I am. A bit.

But honestly? I hate Macs. (And now, Boo Silver Too - my second Mac in as many years - will probably never work properly again. Not that she ever did.)

All day Sunday, we had four designers working from home, plus two designers in the office, and me.

All of us are on MacBook Pros. And most of us crashed at least a couple of times during the course of the day.

Granted. We were dealing with files that were a couple hundred MBs to 1 or 2 GBs each. We were dealing with mechanical sizes that were at 100% (4 feet wide by 8 feet high), and we shouldn't have been. And, we were dealing with working remote, so that's theoretically going to be slower to begin with.

Yeah. Granted all that?

I still hate Macs.

I'm still convinced that Boo Silver Too just acts up on me, because I'm running VMware Fusion, which allows me to run Windows. It's almost like a little Guantanamo Bay, I guess, torturing my Mac to make her run PC apps. I have a Mac because I need access to the Creative files in Creative Suite. Otherwise, I do most of my real work in PC. So, in this respect, I can understand why Boo just hates me.

But that doesn't explain why the other Macs were all behaving terribly yesterday.

They may be supergorgeous and cute, and people just think they're cooler when they have a Mac, and they may get jealous when they see Boo Silver Too.

But, I gotta tell you, if I make it through past the 24th, I'm thinking seriously about switching back to the PC world.
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

One wonder after another*

Magnet #373 - Niagara Falls Joy

It's a weekend in Canada, I guess.

I was going to tell ya'll about the time I convinced a friend of mine that they had the ability to turn off Niagara Falls on holidays and national emergencies...but it looks like I've already done that here. Still a great story.

But, here's another one - apparently, back in 1848, there was an ice jam upriver, and the flow stopped for several hours. People were able to run out on to the riverbed! Neat.

Feels like the falls are something that everyone should do once in their lifetime. There's three of them, really - the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and then the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, but everyone just knows them as Niagara Falls.

I do love visiting them, because they're so freakin' massive, and like the Grand Canyon, it just gives you a little perspective on our little place on this planet.

Ride the Maid of the Mist tour boat, and it's even more apparent that humans are just specks on this earth.

Which is odd, given how much of an impact we have on it.

*I just stole Niagara's tourism site tagline. Heh. Shameless.
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