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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clear eyes, full hearts

Magnet #403 - Friday Night Lights

Ya'll know I've been waiting on this magnet for a while, since I love me some Coach Kyle. (Yes, imagine this entire magnetpost with a bit of a North Carolina twang.)

I decided today's the perfect day to use this one, since Variety announced that DirecTV and NBC are picking up Friday Night Lights for not one, but two (!) seasons!



Well directed, well written, well acted, well produced - it's just the perfect little show that could. Quality television all around.

I'm not gonna lie - the pretty boys (yes, I just unabashedly linked to a bunch of Taylor Kitsch picspam from a friend of mine's LJ site, so any guys reading this, don't click this link) running around a football field don't hurt, either. I mean, who doesn't want to come home to a Coach Kyle at night, no matter how pig-headed he's being.

Mind you, I'm managing my own expectations on this deal - two seasons is a pretty big commitment for a show that almost didn't finish the season last year or the year before. And, even if it's only 13 episodes each season, we'll shut up and take what we can get, man.

This is one of those shows that people just love. I think it's because no matter where you're from, we all recognize these people, places and situations in our own lives.

For me, it's the accents of everyone I ever grew up with down in Salisbury, NC. (Yes, I know there's a difference between NC and TX, thank you.) It's the high school football games I stood in the stands, and marched on the field for.* It's all the teachers and classmates that I had.

For me, Friday Night Lights just reminds me of home. (sans the really hot football coach, but if you substituted a really hot band director, you'd be spot on)

So, well done, DirecTV and NBC, for taking a chance, and mostly for taking the time to develop an audience for a beloved show.

And yay, for the FNL folks!

*Yes. I was in marching band. Shut it.

And not for nothing, but if I had one thing to complain about for FNL, is that they need a bigger marching band component to make it just a little more real. I'm just sayin'.

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1 comment:

Erika said...

I stupidly gave it up for Dollhouse, but now I'm back. (And nope, can't hear you about that DVR thing. lalalala)