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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fishy thoughts

Magnet #384 - Contemplate

Yep. Another swag magnet - still not sure which stockhouse this came from.

Do you suppose fish get dizzy watching clothes swirl around in the washer/dryer? Also, is that fish checking out that chick's bum?

And, how did I not convince anyone that we need Transitions or Transitions Championship magnets? How could this be? (Oh! Maybe I'll snag a couple of the swirl stickers and make them magnets. Hah. Score.)

Oiy. This always happens. An early morning flight, and I can't sleep. I get all contemplative and my head can't turn off. It's not nerves.

I'm fairly sure that it's the can of Coke I had with dinner. Argh.

I was packing (I'm always a late packer. I'll pack until the second the car gets here, cuz it's what I do.). Then I was dropping stuff to DVD, so that I can bring it with me. Then I was working. Then I was sewing. (What?)

And now, I'm sitting here blogging. Only because my eyes, though twitchy, aren't remotely sleepy. Stupid Coke! It's ok, because my coworkers already down in Tampa are working, too. So. There.

I thought I'd talk about that time I woke up late and almost missed my flight. But no way, no how do I want to put that karma out there.

Jeepers. Excuse me, while I go walk backward in the bathroom 3 times.
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1 comment:

The Geek said...

Have fun! Good luck! :)

And I do NOT know how you late-packers do it. When I left for this month on March 6th, I'd been packed since February 28th. :( Makes it somewhat difficult when all your clean clothes are in your suitcase already and you have nothing to wear for a week. God bless scrubs.