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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ponch and Joy

Magnet #392 - California

In my eleven years at this company, I've been asked to do some pretty crazy stuff. Or, what I thought was crazy stuff.

But, I think something new might actually top that list.

Today and tomorrow, I'm riding shotgun with Ponch.


From CHiPs.

He's here at the Transitions Championship to issue Sight-ations to spectators. I am not even joking.



I'll get more into it tomorrow, especially after I see how today goes.

Here's a preview. Last night at dinner - yes, I had dinner with Erik Estrada - he was approached by at least a few people. That's not including the stares, gawkers, oglers (because yes, because I have to admit, Ponch, who just turned 60, is still pretty hot), and fanboys and fangurls.

If that's any indication, the man's definitely going to draw a crowd, and we'll have to get one of our big guys to walk around with us to keep the people at bay.

After dinner, I drove him back to his dorm, I mean, hotel room, and I got a kiss on the cheek and a "good night, baby."

Lord. The little girl who refused to take a bath until CHiPs was over got a kiss from Ponch.

Ok. More later. Also? Totally going to make a magnet out of these picutres.
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Psyrixx said...

Here's something to calm you down. Really. It's not a photo of Erik Estrada, topless with a towel flung over his shoulder.

...okay, it is. :(

Erika said...


The Geek said...

LOL! OMG! And other three-letter exclamations!!