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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ask and ye shall...

Magnet #378 - Assistance and tickets

I picked this magnet for a couple of reasons. It's from my London Transit magnet sheet set. Yes, I like big sets of magnets. What? You're surprised?

So, here's why I picked it:

1) Assistance. I have a hard time asking for it. And that's a lot of why I've been at the office until after midnight for 5 of the last 7 days. It's been great though, because there's a select group of people who have pitched in like nobody's business, and helping get a ton of really good work done. And I thank them wholeheartedly. They've been superawesome. Especially for putting up with me this last week.

2) Tickets. Goldengait did a rather sad post against the poor service at the USPS. Which is somewhat funny, cuz I just picked up a new FB friend (an old college roomie I'd lost touch with) who just joined the USPS. I promise if you ever met her, GG, you'd love her. But, I can't believe your mail got hijacked and your concert tickets were lost! That totally sucks!

3) I was on the subway today, and saw some left-wing transit-rider advocate ad that was explaining that the new Bloomberg balance the budget plan would make my monthly commute $103, and give me less train service. Wasn't there some sort of budget surplus several years ago? Where'd that dough go? Even so, $103 is probably the still cheapest mode of travel.

Oddly, I realized tonight that I missed riding the subway home. Since I've been going home so late, I've been taking car service home. Mind you, it's probably not a good thing that the guys at dispatch know my name and sometimes my voice. Today was a bit of an ordeal after a waiting snafu had me waiting on the front stoop when the NY office boss came back to pick up his stuff after an awards dinner. (For some reason, I hate when the big guys see me at the office at odd times. Like when one of our CEOs saw me leaving the office as he was coming 5:30. Or, another CEO turned the corner and scared the snot out of me in the middle of the night.)

Then, I got huffy at the driver, and tried to ignore his chattiness, about my job and his job, about traffic, etc. I felt bad that I snapped at him, so I couldn't just ignore him. So, now we're chatting a little. And then I find out that he'd been driving around town since 6. AM! Then I felt even worse, because he was so chip after being on duty for so long.

Oiy. See? No matter how bad you think you have it...there's always someone else who has it worse. And someone else who handles it better. Sigh.
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