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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If wishes were...well, you know

Magnet #382 - Stubbs' Whistlejacket

This magnet is part of my London National Gallery art collection...his name's Whistlejacket, painted around 1762 by George Stubbs.

He's cute! Whistlejacket, I mean. I dunno about Stubbs.

Apparently, Whistlejacket was a fairly successful racehorse in the 1750s/60s, owned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham.

I just picked him because with all of us at work closing in on actual Tournament week (gravy, I can't even remember if I've blogged about what I'm actually working on for that event), it feels like we're racing headlong into the wind, toward the finish line.

I also picked him, cuz at this point, I'm wishing like hell to be able to have him waiting outside my front door, and carry me away. Sometimes, you really do wish running away were an option.

Wait, have I mentioned I used to have a pony? I could swear I have, but all attempts at searching on joy magnetism for horse, pony, tatay hitting horse, galloping, falling on head, stepping on hair, and getting back on that horse, haven't yielded anything.

Wait. Maybe I don't need to tell ya'll that story now.
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