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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biggest little city

Magnet #400 - Joy in Reno

I've never been to Reno, but from what I could tell, in the ranks of casino towns, it's just above Atlantic City, but way below Vegas.

If I were to be completely honest, were I to visit Reno, I'd be spending a goodly portion of my time just sitting in front of the slot machines. For some reason, I think I can control the spins of the machine...just by pressing the buttons. It's actually kind of sad, really, how quickly I can go through a roll of quarters.

But, according to the Reno-Tahoe travel website, there's some fun stuff to do in Reno.

There's the National Automobile Museum (whose site doesn't work so well) and the Nevada Museum of Art (whose logo is cute as a button - confusing to the eye, but still cute), plus at least half a dozen historic buildings to visit (including a building that was given by the state of California, for the Transcontinental Highway Exposition).

What? We all know that I love the fun sights to see in any town.

Here's another - the Lake Mansion, owned by the founders of Reno, which apparently has been jacked up and moved a couple of times in its 132-year history. So funny. And they say it might be haunted. Really? Did the ghosts move with them? I'd bet the ghosts are slightly confused by their surroundings - maybe they need Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer to help them out?

Oh. There's also a bunch of outdoor stuff, like skiing and golf.

Umm, yeah. See how I didn't even pay attention to any of that stuff?
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Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

Skiing in Nevada? Who knew?

Erika said...

Actually, below Atlantic City. I mean, I spotted... unsavory items in the parking lot! Plus some drunk getting cuffed and arrested when I made my Starbucks run at 9a.m.

joy said...

Maybe you were in a bad part of town Erika? The website showed me all the lovely places to visit. Hehehehehe.

G said...

I liked Reno. It's half-small city, half-old school Las Vegas. However, avoid the Circus-Circus Casino. Those scary clowns are everywhere.

I had the fortune/misfortune of spending some time there when my car decided it needed a new transmission in the middle of a cross-country drive. But those are painful memories for another time...