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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Able to leap tall buildings

Magnet #389 - New York's Time Warner Center

I have a love hate relationship with this building - it's the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.

One, it gives a weird twin tower effect, but in midtown. Two, it took the place of the old NY Coliseum, which, though old and sad, was still part of a NY that's rapidly getting overrun by new builds everywhere. (New builds, mind you, that no one has any money to lease, rent or buy into.)

But, I do have to say, I do kinda love TWC, too. And not just because I used to want to work there. It's just a pretty cool building. One tower's mostly residential and hotel, and the other is corporate TWC offices, WB and CNN.

Sadly, once, I went out for drinks with clients at the gorgeous Mandarin Hotel bar on the 30-something-eth floor, and my view was right into a Warner Bros floor. It was so close, and yet so far.

I don't really like the mall in the first floor. It's just like they packed up Mad Ave and moved it west. Though, I won't complain because there's also a Borders and a Whole Foods, and a great Samsung experience there.

I picked this magnet up from the Skyscraper Museum, downtown. Love that place, but I wish it were more than one floor. Right now there's an exhibit comparing buildings and density between the vertical cities of New York and Hong Kong. Superinteresting.

But, I really picked this magnet, because I miss New York. There's too much air and space, trees and sunshine here. Also? I am going insane driving around in golf carts. It's too slow! And then, when I leave campus, I find myself going like 15 on the highways, because I realize that I'm inching along. Crazy.

Who would have thought that I'd miss concrete and glass.

Oh, and my post title is actually more relevant to yesterday's activities with the production guys. Yes. More saving of our collective behinds, and in general being our get-it-done guys. Sigh.
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The Geek said...

What?? No green magnet for St. Patty's Day? No Guiness magnet? No potatoes, no leprechauns, no Blarney Stone, no Claddagh ring?

Are you just so mad at all the green, green grass down there that you're boycotting the color entirely?

Erin Go Bragh, and Happy St. Patty's Day, Joy!! :)

joy said...

Dude, I totally didn't even think about it today. So sad.

I did have on green, sorta.

joy said...

Also, belated St. Pat's, yourself!