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Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's time to get things started*

Magnet #386 - The Muppets

I picked this magnet up in DC, at Jim Henson's Fantastic World, an exhibition sponsored by the Smithsonian. Such a great show, and a great tribute.

Not only did I get to relive so many memories - the Muppets, Sesame Street, the Fraggles (and the Doozers) - but I got to learn a lot more about him. His commercial work, a ton of puppet concepts that didn't get produced, how some puppets evolved, etc. Great fun.

But, I picked this one for today, because this week's definitely going to get sillier than the Muppets, if tonight's any indication.

Ahem. Today's highlight (Yes, it's 2:10am, and I've already had my highlight of the day.):

Four of us girls hiding in the bushes in the dark, lying in wait for two of the boys on the team. Said girls jumping out of said bushes and screaming like banshees...and scaring the crap out of of said boys.

The car down the street could hear the cursing, and the "I'm gonna dropkick the four of youuuuuuu!" We know, because in the car, was one of the other guys on the team...who doubled back to laugh at us guffawing at the boys.

Thank goodness they didn't drop the laptop...or the 500 copies of handbook information in their arms.

All's fun and games, until we're crouched in front of Edinburgh Hall, desperately trying to collate a ream of paper.

*Because now I'll be singing The Muppet Show opening sequence all day.
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1 comment:

The Geek said...

I love the Muppets!!!

10 points awarded to Joy for The Boy Ambush.