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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stimulus, what?

Magnet #379 - Robin Hood

My friend went to Nottingham and brought me back this Robin Hood magnet. But, I don't think she actually visited the attraction!

Huh. I was going to visit the site, and link ya'll to it. But, this link announcing that the joint is closed until further notice, makes me supersad...and leads me into my next subject.

Apparently, Robin Hood has struck America because someone's distributed a lot of wealth to a lot of shoppers today.

Today was self-enforced day off (a decision I made when I realized that none of my conversations were making sense, and made into a firm resolution when I fell asleep on a big purple just the 10 minutes it took for the cleaning lady to vacuum the conference room I've been living in since last Sunday.) Instead, I went shopping for work clothes to wear in Tampa. Supergreat stuff, and mostly on sale - even though I bought way too much.

But I wasn't alone. As I mentioned before, whomever said America was hurting, didn't visit Jersey. Or rather, upstate New York, as in today's case. Whoa. So many shoppers out and about!

It might have been the wonderful warm weather today, but man, were they out in force! Of course, you could see that there were less shopping bags, and only a rare line or two at different shops. But, still, one can't help but wonder what's going on...particularly as they announced that the unemployment rates at its highest levels in more than 25 years. Superscary. Mind you, I'm not excluding myself from this bunch. I'm just afeared of all the media coverage. Anyway.

Hah. You thought this might be a rant about Robin Hood the BBC show? Nah. Though that's what I was saving this magnet for, I've decided not acknowledge what happened at the end of the last season. You don't mess with canon, people. Also? Guy's hair looks crappy in the upcoming really, what point is there to watching it. I'm just sayin'.
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Erika said...

Oh no! Robin Hood the attraction is closed??? Super sad!