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Sunday, March 29, 2009

You say goodbye, I say hello

Magnet #401 - Goodbye Kitty

So, I really haven't a clue how this magnet made it into my collection.

My best guess is that I bought it cuz it reminded me of an old LG laundry ad. The ad had either a teddy bear, or a pug dog sitting in the dryer, and the copy was all about getting the wrinkles out of anything.

But, as I looked closer at the magnet, I noticed a little TM after Kitty. That was a little strange, so, I looked it up.

Oh. My. God. Apparently, curiosity killed the cat!

As near as I can tell, it's a David & Goliath creation - a series of Goodbye Kitty posters/pictures/graphic tees/etc., where the poor kitty is being microwaved, vacuumed, blendered, etc.!

Eeeeep! They're anti-Hello Kitty! Nooooooooo! I love my Hello Kitty!!!!!

Besides the D&G stuff (including a Frogger-like game - Ack!), you would not believe the amount of anti-Hello Kitty stuff there is out there!

You mean, mean, mean people! She's never done anything to you people except be cute! She's the travel ambassador to Japan! She's every stereotypical Asian girl's best friend!

You people leave her alone!

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The Geek said...

lol Adorable rant, Joy. :) I've never been a Hello Kitty fan, but I'm definitely not down with microwaving cats in general, cartoon or otherwise. :(

Five points awarded for stomping in a blog post, too. :)

Erika said...

Somebody just wrote a book titled HELLO KITTY MUST DIE. I guess you won't be reading it.

joy said...

GG, I'm totally not even a cat fan at all. But, ewww to the blendering of kitties!.

And, Erika! NO, I will not read that book! That's horrible!

*stomps here, too*