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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soaking it up like a sponge

Magnet #397 - Tarpon Springs

So, on the day before leaving Hotel California, we were able to steal away for a final team lunch. They said, we're going for Greek, everyone all aboard.

Ya'll know how when I visit someplace, I like to do my research. I like to know what's there to see, what places to visit, what you shouldn't miss, etc., etc. But ya'll also know that when the team heads to Tampa for Transitions, we don't actually see Tampa. We see Innisbrook, and if we're lucky, we'll see the Transitions offices.

So, imagine my surprise, when I look up, and suddenly, I see we're down at some docks, with Greek establishments and surf shops and gift shops, and sponge boats and piles of sponges - everywhere.

Dudes. We went to the Sponge Capital of the World.

Dudes. I didn't even know that they were called the Sponge Docks until someone told me when we got back.

The deal is, the Gulf waters of Florida are some of the best areas for sponge diving. And, the reason why there's a huge Greek community here, is because this Greek guy came, and introduced the sponge diving technique (before, they just used hooks).

I know! You don't even think about where that loofah or sponge came from! From here! It came from here!

And, yes, even though we came for lunch, I ended up speed-dating Tarpon Springs. The boats were supercool with their piles of sponges. There was a bronze diver statue, which I didn't get to take pictures of. But, I did manage to pic up the two signs, in case you wanted to read more. I didn't get to see the Historic Sponge Exchange, but, of course, I made my way through at least four or five gift shops, of course, to find just the right magnet.

Methinks this boat, with the bits and bobs of sponge on it, totally rocks. Geddit it? Boat? Rocks?

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G said...

So, Tarpon Springs floats your boat?

Erika said...

Only you would accidentally stumble onto the Sponge Capitol : )

joy said...

Hahaha, yes, Gin - it totally floated my boat.

And, yes, Erika - of *course* I'd end up at the Sponge Capitol of the world by accident. Funnily enough, no one else really saw the humor in it.