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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Running for dummies. Or just me, eh?

Magnet #712 - Canadian Army

Save the World BIL is a runner. In fact, that's why the AGE10 ended up getting me a slew of swaggy stuff from an Army 5-Miler last year, including this Canadian Army magnet from the Canadian Army booth.

I once was a runner. For about 3 hours.

One day several years ago, I went over to Central Park for a random walk (believe me, if you know me at all, that's totally random) and that's when I discovered the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir running track. It goes a little over a mile and half around and it was totally full of runners.

It was then that I was convinced, yeah, I could do that. Mind you, I'm the girl who hated the track and field portions of our phys ed classes. Actually, I hated all phys ed classes, except the basketball section, where I was pretty good.

Anyway, by the time I finished that walk, I had myself convinced. I walked over the Barnes & Noble, picked up a Dummies book on running, dropped off at a Foot Locker to buy a set of running shoes, and voila! that afternoon, I was a runner.

Or, at least, I would have been. Had I ever gone back to the park to run.


Well, I also passed the Central Park bridlepath that day, so I guess it's lucky I didn't buy a horse.
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