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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, Virgilia

Magnet #718 - Harpers Ferry, WV

My friend got this magnet for me - for some inexplicable reason, she's now been there twice, for like writers conferences. I kinda giggled when she brought this back, because really, everything I learned about Harpers Ferry really stemmed from Virgilia Hazard's storyline in North and South, the John Jakes version.

I know! Sad! But, who says television is the wrong way to learn about history. At least I've heard of Harpers Ferry. I'm just sayin'.

And, I could totally research the subject, and go into the battles that took place here at here, and about John Brown's Raid, but honestly, I haven't been, and I'd just be doing history a disservice, trying to rush to get this done before midnight. So, I'll wait for when I actually get there.

Plus, this way, if ever I get there, I'll be able to pick up another magnet, and magnetblog to my heart's content....and perhaps learn the real history behind this place along the way.
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Erika said...

You know it's not that far from DC, right?

joy said...

Yes, I know. But there's so much to do in and around DC, that I almost never get to go outside of it...