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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A dream is a wish

Magnet #711 - Cinderella's Castle

Ok. I bought this magnet in the Yacht Club souvenir shop, and of course, I will soon have a better picture of it when I get home from this Disney client retreat. Done.

I have to tell ya'll the best Disney story ever. And one from several years ago now. And I just know I've told this story before. I don't care.

I know some people have their issues with Disney. I. Am not one of those people. Like a good little brainwashed kid, I. Love. Disney. I don't care how jaded you are, there's just something wonderful about the wonderful world of Disney. You'll never get me to believe otherwise.

So, once upon a few years ago, during the year of a thousand dreams, in a magic park just a magical express bus away, I was shopping in one of the stores on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and a couple of castmembers came through, and they found a little girl. A little girl whose dreams had just been granted.

She had been invited up to Cinderella's castle to help Cindy get ready for the ball!

Can you just imagine? You're five years old, and you love Cinderella, and all of a sudden you get to be Cinderella's BFF and get to help her get ready to meet Prince Charming?

I would love that job, granting wishes to little girls (and boys), and all it takes is a little hard wishing. *sigh*

I seriously had to go make myself busy in the High School Musical section, so that I wouldn't get all sniffly over the little girl. C'mon. How does that not make you teary?
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Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

I am so with you on the magic of Disney. I was there with my family when I was 5, and it was kind of a trip from hell--food poisoning, lightning storm during the electrical parade, light pole falling on my mom's knee and by some small miracle, not smashing it to pieces, kind of the works--and I still love it! (It helps that I barely remember the trip. :D) But then I went back when I was 17--totally the age where I was supposed to be far too cool for everything, right? But I STILL LOVED IT. It's Disney World! It's a beautiful magical place, and wishes do sometimes come true there. <3