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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Land of Cotton to Land of Lincoln

Magnet #524 - Illinois

Destination: Illinois.

In about 5 hours, we'll be packin' up to get ourselves to Chicago, my parents and DC sis.

Several things are wrong with this picture.

First, Save the World sis isn't here. She should be, but she had to work. What's a family roadtrip without the baby sister to make fun of?

Second, we're leaving in 5 hours. I don't understand this - we always used to leave in the dead of night, before the rest of the Western Hemisphere was even thinking about getting up.

Third, we're packing the car in the morning. Dude. What? How is that car not already packed and fully stocked already?

Fourth, we're not really packing anything! No cooler or food basket! Well, cooler, but nothing in it yet. No drinks. No ice. No paper plates or plastic utensils. Where's the junk food? Apparently! We're eating along the way! What? What?

Fifth, we're all going to bed at a decent time, and wearing our jammies. We used to go to bed with our travel clothes already on, so that we're ready to travel when we steal away in the dead of night.

Sixth and seventh, we have no set itinerary, and we're apparently going to be stopping along the way. Stopping! Hopefully, it's gonna lean more toward roadside attractions than rest areas.

Oh, I could go on. But, let's see how the day progresses...just know that I'll be thinking with each passing mile, in our rented car, who are these people, and what have they done with our parents?

Oh! About this magnet. You know how they have these magnets for every state in the Union? Yeah, I don't have them all. I'm not really trying to have them all, mainly because I'm afraid that once I start to buy them, I'll find some novelty store that has all the state magnets, and then I'll feel compelled to buy them all to have a complete set. So, I try not to buy them...unless I see them in the store. Hahaha.
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JPaul Ondic said...

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone when it comes to having a love for magnets.My wife and I had just started to collect magnets when she became very ill and
passed away.Also,you brought back a lot of fond memories when you used the word "jammies" back when are
children were still very young.

joy said...

Thanks for visiting and posting!

But, also, thanks for the back-up - sometimes I get leery looks from folks when they hear that I have a thing for magnets. I'm very sorry to hear about your wife, but I'm glad that my post brought up good memories!