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Sunday, July 19, 2009

If there be dragons...

Magnet #513a & 513b - Dragon Magnerine

Yep, another magnerine, this one from the Met. My reason for this one today is kinda two-fold. (Ha. See what I did there?)

I have this little guy sitting in my cube, the companion to the other dragon sitting in the opposite side of my cube. That's the one who, with the little pearl in his claw, is my feng shui symbol, my little protector, and bringer of wealth, power and abundance of opportunities. Of course, I've been waiting for him to do his job, but he works here and there, I suppose. I mean, I haven't fallen out the window or anything, so far.

But, this magnet in my Photobucket was a gentle reminder that Merlin's coming on tonight on NBC. Yes, yes, of course, I'm still watching. I mean, really, are you surprised?

It's not the best show ever, but it's passable as summer entertainment goes.

I just can't figure out why NBC bought this BBC show, when it should have totally been BBC-A, as a companion piece to Robin Hood, or Doctor Who, or at the very least, they should have shared the rights with Siffy, because hello, of all the supernaturalness of it all. Heck, it even fits better on The CW with the youngness of their cast.

As far as Camelot and King Arthur retellings go, it's actually not bad. I do enjoy seeing Arthur as basically an egotistic frat guy (hopefully with a redeeming heart of gold in the end), and pre-evil Morgana being friends with the rather timid but brave Guenevere. But, I really love seeing Merlin as the unassuming, kind-hearted geek, getting tromped on by Arthur, sometimes his friend, sometimes his servant, but always both.

No, my problem is really the fact that nothing of import actually happens on the show - the story lines are fairly the same: King Uther Pendragon (love seeing Tony Head on my tv again every week) desperately fighting against the Magic of the Week in his kingdom every week - even though he's banned magix of every kind, somehow, a new one pops up every week. And while Arthur tries to save them all, it's Merlin and his mentor Gaius secretly using magic to get the job done.

Still, I love seeing the cute boys (hello, young Lancelot!), and their period dress, and hearing the anachronisms of their speech, and making fun of all the hoyay between the boys, the girls, and basically everyone walking on two legs.

My favorite, though, is this guy:

The captive magic dragon, the last of his kind, the one that everyone goes to visit in the depths of the castle.

He's a see-all, be-all, know-all giant, flying dragon, whom you know could escape at any time (what with him being a giant, flying dragon and all), but for some reason, he doesn't.

Rather, he hangs out in his little caverns, flying here and about, doling out his rather slashy Arthur/Merlin intertwined fates advice, week after week.

Eh, like I said, it's summer, it's somewhat entertaining, so of course, I'm watching.
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