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Monday, July 27, 2009

I scream, you scream

Magnet #521 - Ice Cream

Dudes, did ya'll know it's National Ice Cream Month? Had no idea. But yay! Ice cream's like the best food in the world - and I'm hard-pressed to say my favorite flavor.

No matter what grocery or bodega I'm at, I end up in the ice cream aisle, trying to decide what new flavors to try. My problem is that a pint of ice cream might be too much for me - because I very quickly get bored. I love the descriptions, but then, when I actually start to eat them, I'm done within the first quarter of the pint. Which is how I end up with several flavors in my freezer at once.

And, I don't like fruity flavors or sorbets, either. In fact, outside of strawberry and the occasional mango, I'm pretty much done with the fruit realm. Which leaves me with chocolate, vanilla, pieces of chocolate, pretzels, any kind of nuts, chocolate-covered anything, etc.

Though, I have to admit, I've been craving a soft serve for weeks. I'm always afraid to go get ice cream from the ice cream trucks - for two reasons.

First, when I was about five years old, I heard the ice cream truck, and my parents said no...and I ended up furtively running throughout the house looking for change to go buy some. I did. But I got in a world of trouble for disobeying a direct order. I didn't get to eat the ice cream, either, if I remember correctly.

Second, we have one of those ice cream trucks on almost every other corner here in town, and every year, there's another newstory about them not always the being most sanitary of places to get your ice cream. Apparently, you have to go to the one with the longest lines, because that means they're busy, and their ice cream taps don't linger with dabs of germy ice cream that's been hanging there for a while. What? That's what they say!

Anyway, this magnet is one of a set of fast food magnets I just bought, which was part of a biiiiig Etsy magnet purchase I just made. Last week, I was on wefollow, wondering who else was out there twittering about magnets. And I found @KristinaMyers, this supernice lady who has a magnet shop!

Seriously, ya'll. She. Makes. Magnets.

And custom ones! I can't wait to show you more of what I bought from her - they're all supercool, and I'm superhappy with my Etsy purchases. In the meantime, check out her Etsy store and her blog! And buy some magnets! They're awesome.

Speaking of awesome. David Tennant during this introduction for the Torchwood/Doctor Who showing said (in his just terrible American accent) that that's what Americans say over here, premeeeres (instead of prehmiere) and awesome. At about the 3:54 mark, he said he loves awesome, and he's taking it back with him to London.

Hmph. I wish he'd take me back to London.
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julie said...

somehow you turn an ice cream magnet post into a DW and DT magnet post. seriously. and what? no vaniglia?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props! I have finally finished the 125 wedding magnets and am looking forward to variety again! Starbucks has good (store freezer section) icecream. My fav flavor is mint choc chip... still a kid at heart! Have you tried gelato? It's like a cross between hard serve and soft serve!

joy said...

@J&G, I know! I love that I managed to work David into that post. I can't believe you're still on vaniglia. Heheheh.

And, you're welcome @TMF, I really love my magnets! And, yep, I love gelato - we have this one place here where the lines are always out the door, but it's amazing stuff. Love it.