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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wish I were there, too. Hmph.

Magnet #517 - Comixology

Picked this one up earlier this year at NY ComicCon.

I'm using it today because I'm desperately wishing I'd had the foresight to get myself to SD ComicCon. Seriously.

Apparently, my friends think this, too, as within the space of an hour, I had at least three people tell me that next year we're soooooooooooooo going to ComicCon.

Personally, I do think we missed the boat. I'm convinced that they're gonna announce a Doctor Who/David Tennant movie (which totally will be getting a separate magnetpost, of course). Or - and this would be horrible - they're gonna announce that David Tennant's gonna be Bilbo Baggins.

Folks. This cannot happen.

Anyway, so everyone's all wanting to head to SD next year. Me, I'm sort of on the fence, because hello, crazy, crazy crowds, lonnnnnng lines, and very cramped quarters. Eeeeep.

Still. Jealous. Everyone's at the con and tweeting pics and lines and booths. Bah. So, maybe I'll think about it.

Anyway, in keeping with BBC-A week (apparently), I'm sure ya'll heard, Torchwood's on this week. (Insert snerk wordicon here.)

I'm excited, because it feels like TW's picked up a few new viewers these last three days. They're champing at the bit to watch Series 1 and 2 now.

It's awesome that people are engaged and enjoying this five-parter. But honestly, I'm just hoping that they're still talking to me after Day 4.
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jen said...

I hope we haven't set people up for disappointment!

julie said...

no... i doubt anyone was disappointed. i mean, really. i'm just happy you guys didn't spoil me.

though again... i'm still waiting for ohwhen to come back. first him, then ianto.