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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tai Shan! - Guest blogger, Save the World Sister

Magnet #503 - Beijing Pandas

New (possibly monthly) feature: I was a little wary of inviting guest bloggers, but so many of my magnets have been gifts that it would be a shame not to hear their magnet stories as well.

This one didn't come from my Save the World Sister, but since a ton of people overheard me yell at her "NO, we're NOT buying you a panda for Christmas!" at Concord Mall in NC, I thought she'd be perfect for this magnet. Enjoy!

- joy


So because I love (no seriously, it could be my obsession) pandas, Joy asked me to guest blog about this magnet. I'm excited to start joy magnetism's guest blog feature.

Four years ago, the National Zoo's pair of pandas finally gave birth to the *cutest* baby panda ever. Tai Shan (the baby panda formerly known as Butterstick) is almost like my pet. I love him and used to watch the webcam in the panda enclosure all the time back when he was only as big as stick of butter.

He's my pet that I don't ever have to take care of - thanks National Zookeepers! I used to visit the zoo ALL the time just to go see Butterstick. I went to his 1st birthday party just to celebrate with all the little kids that love Butterstick too. I've watched him grow up over the past 4 years... he's grown so much I've even had to give up my dreams of breaking him out of the zoo and hiding him in my closet!

I don't know who gave Joy this magnet, but I'm jealous. Did you go to China and see the pandas? My love of pandas gives me a soft spot toward China (and being the Save the World Sister, China's got a lot of things I DO NOT agree with) because I REALLY want to go to the Wolong Giant Panda Breeding Center and Reserve and play with all the baby pandas. Could you imagine??? Playing with over a dozen baby pandas at once? I would seriously go crazy.

I've known a few people that have gotten to visit the breeding center, but I haven't been able to raise enough funds to get me there. It's on the top of my list of places to go especially now that Nepal is checked off. Sometimes the documentary on the breeding center is on PBS or Discovery Channel and when it is I try to watch it... even if I've already seen it. Sadly, though, because of the earthquake in China last year, the reserve and breeding centre was closed to the public and some pandas even escaped and went missing. (Oh, noes! - joy)

But today, let's focus on the happy stuff. I don't want my post to bring you down. Pandas are meant to bring happiness! They give me such a happy that Save the World Boyfriend asked me to marry him in front of the pandas at the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee. He did good, by the way, with the pandas on his side, of course I said yes. :) I'm still holding out hope that someone can genetically create a pygmy panda that I can keep as a pet... like a take it home and actually get to take care of it kind of pet.

So on Tai Shan's b-day today, go out and celebrate! Maybe go eat some Panda Express (I love it even if it is seriously Americanized Chinese food) or buy a panda plush toy (I have MANY and you can get one for free I think if you join WWF or donate over $25) or wear a panda ears headband (thanks to Save the World Fiance for buying me my pair!). Or go get engaged (if you feel like copying Gordon and me).

Pandas in America are located at the National Zoo in DC, the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee, the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia, and the San Diego Zoo in California.

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jen said...

Silly STWsister, we don't have room for a panda at home! Maybe you can keep one at STWfiance's.

PS: I want to guest blog.

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

Me too! ;) I got really confused when I saw the magnet, because I thought, "... But I never mailed that one! I bought it, it's sitting in one of my suitcases, where it's been for nearly a year, but yeah, never quite mailed." HOW DID IT END UP WITH YOU ANYWAY? Maybe it is a magical magnet. :D Hee-hee. Well, it IS about pandas. And they are magically delightful creatures. Yay!!

Erika said...

I believe the magnet came from either me or Ro. Had a hard time explaining what we were looking for to the local shopkeeper. Apparently there's no word for "magnet" in Chinese.

Gordon said...

pandas make the world go round...

julie said...

ok... so after putting Tai Shan on my facebook status, i get a comment asking about my baby panda.

um... seriously... she knows i don't really have one, right?

I wish...

joy said...

Wait. YNIQB, did you get me the *same* magnet? Surely not. Hahahaha.

Well, I'm glad ya'll liked having a guest magnetblogger. Nice. So, maybe I'll do one every month, or whenever I feel like it. jen, I'm sorry I used the Jane Austen magnets, then, because you could have done a couple of good posts. Be thinking what you want to do.

And, YNIQB, you too!

Pandas are a bit of an odd lot, methinks. And, I happen to think that julie and gordon totally have a panda living their place, and it just hides out in the back. IJS.

julie said...

I think you have to have your own blog to be considered as a guest blogger. just saying.

also, maybe gordon should guest blog and get reintroduced into the blogosphere.