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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oxford Blues

Magnet #501 - Oxford University

Bought ths magnet during a daytrip out 2 Oxford a couple of years ago. We did rlly cool tour group through Evan Evans, & we had a blast wandering arnd the hallowed buildings & halls. I just think it's super pretty w/ all the difft college crests, vry Harry Potter-esque. According 2 their site, they have 38 independent colleges at Oxford (odd, b/c I count only 36 hre). They're independent, & have their own governing bodies, & R basically little colleges w/in the bigger context of the university.

I'm using it 4 2day's magnet b/c I realized something ystrday, in my unending battle w/ twttr. Lately, ive bn familiarizing myself w/ the evr-so-pretty TweetDeck (TweetDeck explained). & I ran across ths automatic TweetShrink fcn, which is wht I did 4 ths entire post.While it's economical, in terms of shrinking Tweets dn 2 140 characters, it essentially makes us all look lk illiterate fools. An abhorrence 2 all of R collective English teachers growing up.

An open letter 2 teachers of the coming generations: Please dnt stp teaching proper spelling & grammar. It pains & saddens me 2 realize that the kids who R coming up ths days R "de-learning" how 2 spell, & not learning proper grammar in the 1st place. &, it just makes me wonder if hallowed institutions such as Oxford will have 2 lower their education standards 2 admit the illiterate classes of the 20teens.Please dont giv up the ship! Xoxo,Stodgy old joy
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jen said...

Hahahaha. At first I thought: god, I can't believe Joy is spelling words like that! Funny. And sad that there's a function to shorten words at all. As if we weren't lazy enough. Now people can't even shorten words themselves. Heh.

The Geek said...

Oh lord, I second that motion! I hate the "text speak"!

joy said...

Hahaha - It was a fun post to write, and then truncate. It's funny (and sad) to see what words get shortened to.

I was thinking of naming every English teacher I ever had by name, but then realized some of the best lessons I got were from other teachers as well. :-)