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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bull-y for me!

Magnet #515 - Spanish Bull

Meet my new favorite magnet, it's pretty and shiny and mosaic-y.

And pretty, and did I mention shiny? Look at its horns! How. Cute!

The second I saw this little 2-dimensional piece, I immediately thought it was a Gaudi - not hard to believe, what with all the mosaic work running through his projects. I was thinking specifically that he might come from Parc Guell.

I took apart the packaging, and there was nothing attributing it to Gaudi. Still, I heart it so much. My friend just got back from Spain and brought him back for me - thank you, Maria!

There were a few others from her trip, but I couldn't wait to show this one off - so much so that I'm totally interrupting my planned BBC/BBC-A TV week, in honor of the US showing of Torchwood.

No worries, we'll get back to Cardiff tomorrow, particularly after ya'll see tonight's installment. Whew.

But, if you're looking for good reviews of last night's episode:


And no one pay attention to whatever the hell the NYTs has to say about it. Silly.
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Vicki said...

That is very cool!

joy said...

Thanks. I love him. I love him soooooooo much.