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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Opening the floodgates

Magnet #520 - San Diego

I don't really have all that much to say today - but, I'm watching G4 right now, for their three hours of live coverage of ComicCon, interspersed with a ton of clip packages and interviews. I can almost pretend I'm there.


I do find it highly ironic that when we go next year, none of us are true comics or collectibles fans...we're all really just going for the panels.

But, what I worry about is that once we go, does that mean we'll have to keep going year after year? Will that pave the way for dressing up in vixeny, bosomy heroines with fly-away hair? Will it? See? I'm afraid once we break our SDCC seal, we'll be there every year. Oiy, will the floodgates be opened?

I'm reserving the right to eta the hell out of this magnet entry today...particularly as the DW panel starts - even though they've already told people they're just here to promote the specials, not a DW movie. We'll see, I guess.

Bwahaha. It's like I'm really there with them now. @televisionary, @sepinwall, @popcandy, @hitfixdaniel are all Tweeting the DW panel. The only peeps missing are @elgray and @moryan. Where they be?

No announcement. Hmmm.

Who didn't call that DT's wearing that Marc Ecko Stormtrooper T. Love him. Love.

No seriously. No announcements. Well, on the one hand - that's good, because I couldn't get behind a David Tennant in
The Hobbit. And, second, I dunno if I could get behind a David Tennant Ten continuing on a set of big-screen stories while a Matt Smith Eleven continues on a set of little-screen stories.

Thanks to the Twitterverse for making me feel better about not going this year.

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julie said...

no one will force you to go to comicon EVERY year, joy. its not like DT will be there every year, so you won't have to go every year. and really... can you really see us dressing up like comic book-y heroes? no. well, maybe gordon...

julie said...

oh... and your magnet is like the watchmen.

joy said...

Lil bit. That's why I was holding this magnet for the end. And no, no one's forcing me. I highly doubt DT will be showing up any time soon. Unless he's been lying, and really *is* doing the Hobbit. In which case. NO.