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Friday, July 24, 2009


Magnet #518 - Coronado

A magnet I brought back myself from a whole little morning sidetrip to Coronado.

In case you didn't hear, I've been wishing I were in SD, and tomorrow and Sunday, that's just gonna ramp up...particularly as all of my favorite tv critics seem to be having the best time - ever. Of course, they're all at the same panels, so all the Tweets are starting to get confusing who is sitting where. hee.

(Speaking of: #followfriday: Televisionary, Sepinwall, Elgray, Moryan)

I'll eventually be back to see Coronado proper. I'm all over taking a tour of the Del, which is a historical CA landmark, built in the late 1890s. Something like 11 presidents have stayed there, and it's totally haunted.

We didn't have time to do that tour, but I will say that I met my actual goal to watch the Navy SEALs doing their PT. Those that know me, know that I'm not even joking. Heh.

I've read too many Navy SEAL romances *not* to want to go. Heheh.

Ok. It's a date - a Coronado sidetrip @ ComicCon '10.
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