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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Third boxcar, midnight train

Magnet #523 - I <3 the RR

No joke. Otherwise, I never would have taken a 13-hour train ride to NC, only to turn around and make an 18-hour roadtrip to Chicago, only to turn around and make the 13-hour train ride back to NY.

In another lifetime, I bet I was a hobo with a bandanna satchel hanging off a stick, riding the rails wherever I could to far-off destinations in the lower 48. Had to have been, no other explanation.

Well, unless you count the numerous times I heard Roger Miller's King of the Road in my parents' van growing up.

But, there's a sense of peace that comes from isolating yourself from the world, staring at nothing, while the world whizzes by. Or, rather, there's peace when you remember to bring your headphones. Heh.

Today, with my mind clouded with so many crappy things about this week, I was really grateful for the respite. Mind you, the trip also taught me how dependent I am on that damn Blackberry. I don't think I let go of it for a minute today - both for work and for play.

Anyway, I'm glad it's before midnight, as I sit here waiting for DC sister's plane to arrive at GSO (yay, free Boingo wifi), toward the end, I was getting antsy that I hadn't put up a magnet yet.

Still, the train ride was a lovely part of my day, thanks to the wonderful Amtrak attendant we had in business class - she was lovely. Nicest bunch of people ever, those Amtrak folks. Thanks for a great day.

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julie said...

you only realized *now* how dependent you are on that damn blackberry? i don't think i've seen you without it for the past 3-4 years... well, except for when i was in nepal... but even then i'm sure you didn't let go of it. dork.

joy said...

Yeah, you got me. But, I really *was* working, too!