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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ask me no questions...

Magnet #4 - Bucky's of New Lebanon, NY

Lest ye think that all of my magnets are cool and weird, some of them are quite ordinary.

*points at magnet*

I've never been to Bucky's, and I don't even know where New Lebanon is. This gem was part of a package of magnets one of my clients sent me when he got a new fridge. (Coolest client present - ever.)

However, I've often wondered, just who is Bucky? Is it short for Buckingham? Is he a Brit? Maybe he's related to Paul Buchman from Mad About You? Did poor Bucky have buckteeth as a child? Maybe Bucky's a woman?

The bigger question, does Bucky use the same dough for his bagels and his pizza?

And, seriously, what sort of food does et cetera represent?

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Erika said...

I'm waiting for a presidential magnet to appear soon...IJS

joy said...

We've got 2 years' worth of magnets. I'm getting there. Oddly enough, there's not as many presidential ones as I thought