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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pink drinks for a red carpet

Magnet #2 - Hollywood & Highland

Given my deep love for anything and everything entertainment-related, Oscar day's something of a holiday for me.

April 2005. A week in Hollywood with a ton of studio tours and famous locations/exterior visits, a few celeb sightings, an almost-conversion to Scientology, and a birthday wish from Dean Cain.

And, yet a major highlight was staying at the offical hotel of the Oscars (the Renaissance) and touring the official home of the Oscars right next door (the Kodak Theatre). The backstage tour was totally made of awesome win - sitting in the seats and boxes, hanging out in the private party rooms, walking down the back hallways to the grand ballroom of the hotel where the Governor's Ball's held, and even taking a trip to the bathroom. Visions of Clooney, Julia and Spielberg running around in my head. (Well, ok, definitely the Clooney part, anyway.)

And, there at the corner of glamour and glitz was Hollywood & Highland, a testament to old-school Hollywood with new-school brash. A mix of posh and non-posh restaurants, high-end chocolatiers and sunglass huts, Lucky Strike bowling and Grauman's. Nothing beats that giant elephant, though. Damn, I wish I'd gotten *that* magnet instead.

Maybe when George escorts me down the Red Carpet.
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jen said...

God, I love the Renaissance. Best. Entertainment complex. Ever.

julie said...

speaking of the oscars... can we all please get over miley cyrus? 1. her concert movie DOES. NOT. COUNT. 2. why the hell is she presenting? 3. she shouldn't have that voice at her age and supposedly non-smoking. 4. ew, her dad is billy ray cyrus.

joy said...

No doubt about it, they let some of the riff-raff in the doors this year.

I think the Miley is ABC property, and that's how she ended up there. I dunno how The Rock ended up there, though.

Danny said...

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