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Monday, February 25, 2008

No Country for Old Men, or the joyfam, as the case may be...

Magnet #3 - Don't Mess with Texas.

While Texas may have been a boon for Joel and Ethan Coen, bad things happen to the joyfam when they go to Texas.

1) In the wee hours of the morning, the little burgundy station wagon that couldn't anymore, somehow flipped over (or, turned turtle, as my mom likes to say). I dimly remember peanut shells flying all over the place, and baby sis being stuck in the back behind the seat.

2) On another trip down there, other baby sis was sitting on the escalator of the Galleria, and didn't get up when mom told her to. So, she almost got eaten by the escalator. Mom said that the Neiman-Marcus replacement outfit was the most expensive that she'd ever bought. (Ok, that was actually kinda hysterical.)

3) On another trip, our motorhome blew up in Elk City, OK, and we rented a sedan, drove to the Grand Canyon, and then had to stay in Houston to stay with friends while my dad and the priest (my parents' best friend, along for the trip) drove up to OK to pick the motorhome up. (Ok, technically that was more Oklahoma's fault.)

4) I lost my Merlin on that trip! (Ok, that was more my fault, I guess.)

5) On still another other trip, I saw Enrique Iglesias there. (Ok, that wasn't so bad. After all, there were cowboys at the rodeo.)

6) And on allll the trips, it was hot. Like ALL the time. (Ok, that's also not the state's fault.)

But, it does make for good magnet, guess.. Except does my magnet say, Don't Mess with Texas...cuz we'll sic the heat on ya? Or, Don't Mess with Texas...cuz we're too darn hot?

What they really should do, is make a magnet with a picture of Javier Bardem (in his Little Lord Fauntleroy haircut, natch), beside the Don't Mess with Texas.

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jen said...

Baby Sis No. 1 thanks you for the retraction and wishes to let you know that her lawyers have dropped the libel suit. HEE!

julie said...

haha... i like that mom says turned turtle. she says turtle funny. :)

also, i'm still creeped out by escalators and stupid teenagers that sit on them in the DC metro. don't they know the dangers?!?!?