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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The bear went over the get away from me

Magnet #6 - The Bears at Grandfather Mountain

I have an obsession with bears. I want to see one in real life. No. I'm serious. I know they're scary. I'm not lookin' to make friends, people. I just want to see one. Walking in its natural environs.

So, here's the issue. Whenever I go to nature (wherever it may be), a high alert rumbles through the valley saying, "CALLING ALL BEARS, EVACUATE THE PREMISES, JOY IS A-COMING."

And then, I never see one, even with HOURS spent looking out of windows along the way. And I mean - hours in Montana. Hours in the mountains of North Carolina *points at magnet*. Hours in California. Hours in New Jersey. (Shut up, they have a bear problem there.)

This magnet was from Grandfather Mountain, NC, where they have a few wildlife habitats (read: zoo) with a couple of pent-up bears. (Hated it.)

Alas, my bearquest continues.
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jen said...

Where is the picture of the saddest Joy ever???

julie said...

hahaha... you should totally post the picture of the saddest joy ever! you can link to it on my picasa web albums, i think.

sorry... but once you see a bear it won't be cool anymore.

joy said...

Well, that's probably true. It's like finding the Holy Grail and finding out it's's probably the search that's fascinating to me. Heh.

Jan said...

I'm still looking for a bear for ya. I would rather seem them from a distance.