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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doing the Dew

Magnet #754 - Soda

Another Kristina Myers Crafts magnet, one that I specifically took a picture of, to post about down in Tampa.

Mainly because I kinda figured that I'd be living on caffeine down there. Hah.

I kinda figured right.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial for Mountain Dew, during my 20 days on-site, I made sure that I had a steady stock of the stuff (in bottle and Throwback form) in the Playpen (our team HQ), the office fridge (in our conference room office), the Tahoe (big enough to lug around boxes), the Camry (yes, we had a note from Hertz saying it was safe), and my room fridge (not that I spent all that much time there).

The only place I never thought to stock it was the pavilion (because I totally didn't even think of it until just now. Huh?) or the CHIPsmobile (because I totally stocked that with waters for Erik and me).

Even so, no matter where I went, I was within easy reach of a Dew.

You know, they say that if you give up one sugary drink a day, you give up something like 50,000 calories in a year.

I believe it.

I sure as hell won't do it, but I certainly believe it.
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