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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet dreams are made of these

Magnet #746 - David Tennant...again

So yesterday, after I said that I prefer macho men (goodness, that sounds ridic) men, I went to bed and promptly dreamed of David Tennant. Clearly, the opposite of macho, and way the more metro and surely off the real life list, but definitely on the onscreen list.

In my dream, for whatever reason, I was apartment shopping with a coworker, and we were running through this absolutely gorgeous apartment - and get this, it was small from the outside, and bigger on the inside...we just kept opening doors and finding new rooms. Such a great TARDIS apartment.

Then David showed up, wearing this ultrasoft brown leather jacket - I actually think it's the one from his "Who do you think you are?" episode, and he was all nervous about the next Doctor.


He said that he was nervous for Matt Smith, and how his (David's) last appearance was going to be Matt's first. And we were all duh, yeah, and p.s., btw, you know that already happened, right?

And then, I got to watch the start of the next episode, and it was damned good. It started out with David's Ten getting stuck in a timewall (whatever that is) - so from his upper torso he was Ten, and from his lower half, he was Eleven. I mean, there was a whole Murray Gold score and everything.

Good grief. I can't even begin to understand why I'm dreaming of the next Doctor Who episode, I can't even remember when Easter is, for when it airs in the UK.

But I will tell you, sweet dreams sure do put you in a good mood. Well, at least until the workday begins, anyway.
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1 comment:

Erika said...

Thanks for my first chuckle of the day...I'd love to find that apartment in your dream, esp if DT comes with it.