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Monday, March 8, 2010

Macho man

Magnet #745 - John Wayne

I catch a lot of flak over my tv and movie boyfriends. Especially because when you watch tv or movies with me, it's generally because there's a cuteboy involved, and I'm generally grinning like a Cheshire cat, with the cooing in a high-pitched tone, "Eeeeep, that's my boyfriend!!!"

The funny part is that on the whole, most of the boys I love on screen wouldn't be able to live up to every trait I've imbued them with in my head. Which is yet another reason I don't really want to ever meet George Clooney or David Tennant or John Taylor. I want to preserve the mystique.

Oddly, even though I love the metroboys on screen, my tastes in real life generally run to macho men (good grief, does anyone ever really say that nowadays? what am I, a refuge from Kotter's classroom?), but basically the guy's guy. The big and burly, rough and tough, get the job done, with just a touch of class and a little more (secret) sensitivity, and a whole lotta lovin' for his woman. Think John Wayne in McClintock! or Hatari!

I don't care how sexist and girly this sounds, but I swear I fell for a (gentle giant) guy once just because I overheard him ask my (Amazonian) roommate where "the little one" was...that's just how big and burly that guy's gotta be.

And, yeah, I just basically described any romance book in any time period. I know. I'm nuts, but I grew up on those romance books, so I have to believe that they exist somewhere. Never mind that I once had a romance author tell me, "Joy, you know we just make them up, right? They're not real?" Oiy.

Yes. They're real. Otherwise, they wouldn't have made magnets of them.

What? I'm just sayin.
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