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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A color for your thoughts

Magnet #429 - Feng Shui

Heh, I was saving this magnet for when I ever felt like talking about feng shui. But, since one of the fifteen magnets I found at the Met yesterday was a dragon magnet on sale yesterday (a $20 magnet for like $4!!!), I think I'm good there.

Since I'm feeling a little lazy after yesterday's superbusy day, I'm just posting this for my sister, who is in the midst of picking paint chips. She's in love with the Disney paint color names - Rumbly Tumbly, Clock Strikes 12, Oh Bother Blue, Dreams Come True, Sorcerer's Hat, Tink Pink, etc.

So, here's a good color guide, dude.

Oh. Speaking of of the best things about volunteering at Tribeca is getting to see the really, really pretty clothes all the people wear. It's one of those times where folks in New York actually wear color. It's nice when you don't feel like you're going to a funeral, with everyone around you in a million shades of blacks, grays or blues.
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The Geek said...

That was one of the main things that was so depressing about living in Melbourne. Not only does it rain 9-10 months of the year (think Seattle), but everyone in the entire city has a black, gray, and various-other-dark-muted-colors wardrobe. :(

Personally, I will never be able to go crazy and paint a wall a very bold color, because I've got so many bright paintings that having a non-neutral wall would be sensory overload!

jen said...

I love color. Especially Disney colors. Sigh.

Pennie Embry said...

I really like this magnet, joy... where did you get it?

joy said...

Thanks, Pennie - i want to say that I got it in one of those eclectic gift shops - where they have those quotable quote magnets? It was the pretty colors I'm sure that got me. Heh.

I honestly never thought about Australia having a rainy city like Melbourne, GG. Interesting.