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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We are Carolina

Magnet #410 - Michigan state, with a little Tar Heels on top

Talk about leaving your mark...

Carolina 89 - Michigan State 72.

And, here's the video of Franklin Street, because you know they've gone insane down there, closing off the street, crowded as hell, bonfires and all. See?


It's what we do. It's who we are. We are Carolina.

The funny thing is how much we underestimate or take Carolina for granted, both the school, and the basketball.

To wit: Before going, I never thought of UNC as a particularly great school. But apparently, it is. It's a state school. Practically half my high school went there, so it never dawned on me that Carolina was a hard place to get into. It was the only school I even applied to. (It was that, or join the Air Force, but that's a whole other story - let's just blame Algebra, shall we?)

It's also never dawned on me that basketball wouldn't be a big part of someone's college years. I have never understood people who don't have a huge attachment to their college sports teams as we do. But, then I remember, ah, it's because we grew up on Tobacco Road.

Finally - and I swear this will sound cockier than I actually mean - but, we tend to take it for granted that our team will be awesome. I mean it. When we aren't good, we're actually surprised.

But, there's a reason we're good. Great kids, great coaches. It's our history we compete with the hardest - the great coach and great kids who came before.

As my sister (a Carolina alum, but unabashed Dook fan, don't hold it against her...really) put it: "You just forget. You just forget how good it is. You just assume that every other school is just as good."

No truer words.

By the way, no, that's not photoshop work up there on that magnet - I always keep a stash of Carolina stickers. You never know when you need them.

Well done, boys. Well done. No practice tomorrow.

Back in '93 (yes, showing my age), before I was allowed to head over to Franklin Street with a bunch of my friends, the boys made me go back to my dorm room and pull out my favorite sweatshirt - a very sacrilegious, but so damn cute, Dook sweatshirt. And, as I watched, the boys literally tore it to shreds and used it as fodder for the bonfires. Bonfires, like the ones in this slideshow from the Daily Tar Heel.

Methinks it was a worthwhile cause.
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jen said...

I love that, in the dark, amid the dim street lights, you can still see it's clearly a sea of blue...

Erika said...

I will wear my periwinkle UNC t-shirt in your honor. HAHAHAHAHA

The Geek said...

Hmm, OK, fine, I admit you and yours boys did well. But... I'll be murdered in my bed tonight if I don't remain a staunch Duke supporter, no matter how their current team sucks. My dad graduated from Duke, and I think I'd get away with totaling his car before I'd get away with rooting for UNC.

You should have seen the look on his face when I jokingly told him I was applying to UNC as a high school senior. Whoa boy.

But... congrats! :)

joy said...

Heh. It's ok, GG. I haven't disowned my two sisters for supporting that school, even though all the money went to Carolina. Heh.

Erika, we must get you a real Carolina shirt.

Oh, Jen! Did you see that one part of the video with the people run/walking to get to all the rest of the eople. Hahahaaha. They're so funny-looking!