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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sucky day at black rock

Magnet #411 - No time

Yes, yes. I know. Now I'm going to get it from my mom for my use of profane language on an actual magnet.

Truth be told, I bought this magnet - with glee - in London, from a store called...wait for it...JOY. I couldn't wait to get mad enough write up a bitchy magnetpost about it!

I was even sure that I was going to use it for my trip down to Tampa. But, then, I didn't want to have too negative of an attitude in times of crisis. Plus, I didn't ever get so mad down there that I needed it. Well, except for when someone complained about Vivas. Yes. The paper towels. You have no idea. But, if I ever get a magnet for Bounty or Viva, I'm SO doing a magnetpost on them.

Moving on.

Annnnd, I just poofed the rest of the original quite vitriolic magnetpost. Because it's a blog. About magnets.
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G said...
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TonyP said...

I still want to see the uncut version!

joy said...

Hahaha - yeah, I'm sorry I didn't keep it. Both versions - the extremely pissed off one about insensitive Canadian chicks and the no less pissed off but more politically correct rant about bad news at work. Oh well.

Your Nose Is Quite Big said...

Nuts! I'm sorry I missed the original posts, too!