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Friday, April 10, 2009

What's bugging joy

Magnet #413 - John Derian Bug 20

You know what's been bugging me for a while? Twitter.

It's been around since 2006, and is finally gaining more traction. Here a Tweet, there a Tweet - on television, in the media, and it almost seems like John Q. Public might even know what it is.

I have at least three accounts.

That I quit using almost a year ago in protest.

Back then, it was because I hated how people at work were using it to summon people to meetings - e.g., I'm sitting in X conference room. If you're supposed to be in this meeting, get here now. At that point, for me, Twitter was a fun place to connect, and voyeuristically see what other people were up to. It grated on my very last nerve that even in the Twitterverse, work seemed to know no boundaries.

Of course, it's even worse now, as people, celebrities and other public figures, and brands themselves are Tweeting obsessively. Look, I totally understand the need to to Tweet - it's mass communications at its best, worst, and most raw.

For example, yesterday, we found out that Joss Whedon's Dollhouse might be cancelled. But we weren't entirely sure, because they shot 13 episodes, and are only airing 12, or they only produced the 13th just for the DVD set, and were never, ever planning on airing it, or, it was always in the plan, or that the pilot didn't count or that the last one was shot for scraps/parts, or that FOX just screwed Joss again, etc., etc.

See how squishy all that info was? It was worse information flow than when we watch crisis newsreports as events unfold. And everyone was constantly updating as the day went on.

But, what I do find ridiculous is that such a ruckus went on for hours, and no one from Fox responded to emails, or issued a release to just control the messaging out there. And a lot of the confusion was generated by Tweets - from people connected to the show.

(Mind you, this situation is obviously happening more often than not - misinformation and Twitter whirlwinds. I'm just picking on Dollhouse, because I couldn't care less about it being canceled. That's sad, because I was more than a little excited when I heard about the show, but have been disenchanted with the show from the pilot. Also, this random, truncated opinion is being included here, because I realized I already used the magnet I wanted to use for my now-moot Dollhouse rant.)

I will concede that lately, I've been feeling the pull back to Twitter. I won't lie - I still don't care if my coworker's hanging out watching the game at home, and I don't give a fig about the celebretweeting break-ups or opinions.

But, at least two of my favorite bloggers are Tweeting, and I know they're bound to be great entertainment. Plus, I hate being left out. And what if George Clooney decides to start Tweeting?

So, who knows, I might have to give in to critical mass.

Oh! But the question is, how critical a mass is it, I wonder: To wit - I love, love, love this :60-second spot from Sprint about their Now Network, with the best copy ever, and the VO says:

233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter.
26% of you viewing this have no idea what that means.

And, this is in no way meant to be sacrilegious, especially today...but I'm now wondering if God is Tweeting. Last night on Facebook, I saw someone I know Become a Fan of God. I clicked, curious (he has like 12,700 fans, more, now, I'm sure). But, on God's wall, it said, "God has joined Facebook." Which was hysterically funny. But now, I want to know if - like that famous billboard campaign that they did in His Name - someone's Tweeting for God. Now I have to go look.

And now I've looked. You'll be interested to know that god is in fact, on Twitter. His latest status?

"Hells yeah, it's me!

Yep. A special hell for that one.

eta3, I promise, the final one:
Apparently, Twitter might be able to help save
Chuck. Now, see, that's what I call using your powers for good.

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The Geek said...

Yeah, I feel kinda guilty about being relieved Dollhouse may be canceled. I have to remind myself to watch and review it each week, but I can't bring myself to not see out the last four episodes and complete the season.

But having it canceled will be nice--I won't have to feel bad about not continuing to review its second season. (Because I REALLY don't want to continue putting in the effort after these next four eps.)

Sunflower Ranch said...

Very interesting, your take on Twitter. It's turned me off from the beginning. If there is someone out there in the world who really has to know what I'm doing or how I am we have at least 2 phones each to use and contact each other. How can a person be creative if they're Twittering? Makes me wonder just how long this will last and when others [lots of others] will do as you did and call a halt to it? I applaud you for your courage to say no to Twitter. I prefer to listen to REAL birds twitter. My rant for the day! Hope you had a blessed Easter! :)

joy said...

Thanks very much for your comment, Sunflower Ranch. I did clean up some of my Twitter activity - deleted accounts, and updated. (It had literally been 364 days since my last Tweet.) I am still not sold on going back.

And, GG, I saw how short your DH review was. I didn't realize we were so far from the end. Oiy. (And, yes, Adelle was *totally* dipping into the till. Ick.)