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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture pages, picture pages

Magnet #419 - Hershey's Times Square

This is the other half of my Hershey's Times Square store magnet. I've just never found a good picture of me in Times Square to put in it.

I'm glad, because have I got a not-so-sweet rant for you today!

One quick search for Facebook on this site will reveal my love/hate relationship with it. One day I love it, because I've connected with a friend I've lost touch with. The next day I hate it, because I see someone do something utterly stupid on it.

To wit:

One of the first workplace rules I was taught: if you're at a work party, and someone's aiming a camera your way, and you've got a drink or a beer bottle in your hands - lower it.

It's something that's always stuck in my head, and not just cuz I had a silly crush on the coworker guy who told me. I think I'm still the only one who does it.

That's why it boggles the mind some of the party and bedroom pictures that get posted to Facebook. People! Doesn't matter how many settings you set, how many privacy levels you allow - at some point, potential or current coworkers, bosses and even HR folks see this stuff. Never mind that - family sees this stuff.

This bogglization probably extends to untoward Facebook statuses about the guy you went home with the night before, or the hookah you were hookah-ing the night before, or the mary janes you were eyeing the night before...or basically anything that gives away anything that you were doing the night before that you don't want your mom to know about. But, when there's actual pictorial proof of what you were doing the night before that you don't want your mom to know about, that's a good indicator that you may want to think twice about uploading it.

Yes. Once again, I'm railing at another rule that I was taught but didn't get taught to a different generation. Once again, I sound like I'm 90 years old, a tight-ass and a prude...but to be brutally honest, I don't need to see anyone's teenage cousin kissing on their boyfriend in bed. Even if she's in college.

Family. On Facebook. Countless cousins, one sister, and one aunt. An aunt related to your mom.

Psst, I know I just said that it doesn't matter how many privacy levels you allow, but for the love of Pete (literally), keep that junk between you and your boyfriend. Shocker! You actually can set it that way. Dummy.


Ewwwww. Thank you. Now I have to go bleach my eyes.

eta, in bold, because it's fairly more important than my standard etas:
Dudes. So, while I chose to write the above rant, lambasting those who upload untoward other cousin came through with this Ad Council vid, a far more eloquent, astounding and totally creepy PSA: Everyone knows Sarah.

Mind you, I could be accused of the same practices, here on
joy magnetism. But aside from some pictures with Ponch and me - in a work context - I try to be a little more vigilant.

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The Beanz said...

Word! And yeah this means you Nat. :-) Listen to joy.

Anonymous said...

Just look at those teens now being charged with possession of pornography, because one girl thought she was sending a pic to a boyfriend but it ended up distributed. One act of poor judgement CAN ruin your life. I really wish young people would think about consequences down the line before they act.

TonyP said...

Good post!
Here is another video along the same line.

joy said...

All good points, folks. Thanks for the comments, the backup, and the even more scary (and effective) video.

Hopefully it'll do some good.

The Geek said...

Wow... way to make me want to shut down my blog. D:

Then again, this is why I don't use ANYBODY'S real names or specific locations other than big regional cities. I'm way too cute--I CAN'T end up murdered by a stalker. ;)

Aw, crap, me and my ego can't fit through this door...

::attempts in vain to exit through the Joy Magnetism main entrance::

joy said...

Yeah, usually I try to be as nonspecific as possible on JM, but sometimes can't help myself. It's a fine line to walk, deciding how much to share.

Usually it's guided by common sense, but as you can see, common sense wasn't doled out evenly amongst my people.