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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life is sweet

Magnet #890 - Life is sweet

Ok. C'mon. How freakin' CUTE is this magnet.

Cupcakes, lollipops, candy, ice cream. It's like my own personal food pyramid. So many happy things at once. So. Darn. Cute!

You know what's even cuter? Almost everything at the Bored Inc site. We discovered these guys at Comic-Con* (hey, who says trade shows don't work. Wait, does one consider SDCC a trade show, really?), and they had tons and tons of superadorable stuff, but I had to settle for only a couple of magnets - otherwise, I would have gone home with every single one of their magnets, except maybe all the scatologically-focused ones.

I'm picking this one for today, because it's my sister's birthday today, and as she's explained before, she loves the cute-cute. It's also why I bought her this Mochimochi knitting book for her birthday. This way, we alllll benefit from her fun pasttime.

Anyway, sorry I'm not there today, and sorry I wasn't able to get Zachary Levi or Nathan Fillion to wish you happy birthday, but I hope you're having a terrific birthday anyway!

*Note to other SDCC exhibitors - you know what drew me to the Bored Inc booth and made me stay for a good 10 minutes? Besides the cute-cute, she had a ton of magnets at her booth. For sale. I'm just saying.
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jen said...

Yay, birthday shoutout. Thanks!